Make Your Own Dior Saddle Bag and Hermès Kelly from Paper Bags and Food Wrappers

So you may have seen these bewildering and undeniably fun luxury bags online, but what are they all about? Was there a major exclusive collaboration between CHANEL and Ikea that we’ve all missed? Did Dior launch a limited-edition capsule collection with Oreo and Kellogg’s that somehow flew over all our heads? Well no, these are the work of Italian leather goods design studio, Camera60.

From left to right: Jacquemus Le Chiquito made with CHANEL paper bag, Dior Saddle Bag made with Oreo packaging.

Founded by product pattern developer Chiara Rivituso, and technical consultant Matteo Bastiani, Camera60’s latest work is meant to inspire the upcycling of waste material like fast food containers and cereal boxes to create something beautiful, while reflecting an environmentally-conscious mindset. This upcycling practice is also something the Italian duo hopes the fashion industry will adopt when it comes to their production moving forward.

From left to right: Hermès Mini Kelly bag made with assorted food packagings, Fendi Baguette bag made with McDonald’s paper bag.

While the bags you’ve seen here are not for sale, the creative duo have released the flat patterns of two fashionably iconic bags for anyone to make their own from any packaging they can get their hands on!

So if DIY crafting is your jam, or you are thinking of something fun to do this weekend, why not consider making your own Dior Saddle and Hermès Mini Kelly! The good news is that these “luxury” bags won’t cost a bomb. But the best news is that when executed well, these bags are also functional for use.

You will find the two aforementioned flat pattern templates here below:

Dior Saddle Bag Template

Hermès Mini Kelly 


The photos and flat pattern templates featured in this article is courtesy Camera60 Studio.
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