Mask Accessories That Make Mask-Wearing More Comfortable

Donning our masks for an extended period of time can be suffocating for some of us. As masks have been an obligatory must-have in this day and age where we’re still battling the coronavirus, there are ways to make mask-wearing a little more bearable. In our previous article, we mentioned about some of the tips to avoid foggy glasses when you’re wearing a mask, but this time, we’re zooming in to some of the practical accessories that you can consider to pair with your mask for a more comfortable experience.

1. Brackets

Disposable Bracket (Photo Courtesy)

If you face the struggle of your mask sticking to your nose and mouth, consider investing in a mask bracket. The product creates a little cage around your nose and mouth, that allows you to breathe easily. The great thing about this that we appreciate is the fact that it also makes enough room for your lipstick to stay put. So, ladies, you don’t have to worry about your lipstick smudging or staining your mask.

In fact, I actually got one for myself and after using it a few times, it’s safe to say that the bracket is not restrictive and it’s actually quite comfortable! The bracket is tailored for disposable masks, as it comes with a buckle, which can be hung firmly in the disposable mask to avoid it slipping. Although with most cloth masks, there are no creases for the bracket to cling onto, it can still be used together with your cloth mask if it’s tight enough

Disposable Bracket (5 pcs), $2.27. Available at SHOPEE.

2. Nose Clip

Nose Clip (Photo Courtesy)

You’ve tried tightening the nose wire of your mask or even taping your mask to your face, but to no avail — your glasses keep fogging! Thankfully enough, there are easy and affordable options like these nose clips that will be of great use for the area of your concern. This nose wire wraps around your nose to both give the mask added security on your face and to help it fit more snugly — which prevents your breath from fogging up your glasses. It also doubles as a tightener for your mask to ensure it fits comfortably around your face even if it has loosened after multiple washes.

Nose Clip, $10.95. Available at Etsy.

3. Mask Chain

L — R: Mask Chain and Éliou Gold-plated bead sunglasses chain (Photo Courtesy: (1), (2))

Mask chains are one of the latest game-changing accessories that we’re all currently obsessed about. Not only do these chains keep you from losing your mask, but it also works functions as a fashion statement to complement your outfit. These chains are basically your iconic spectacle chains that have been reconceptualised for the sole purpose of making mask-wearing more comfortable and fashionable.

Éliou Gold-plated bead sunglasses chain, $182. Available at NET-A-PORTER.

4. Mask Case and Pouch

L — R: Mask Organiser Case and Tracyeinny Shiba Doggie Pouch (Photo Courtesy: (1), (2))

Now that we’re dining out more often, we find ourselves chucking our masks aside on the table, in our pockets or even in our bags for safe-keeping — neglecting how unsanitary it can be at times. Though there are some diners that provide Ziploc bags or pouches for you to store your masks, not all restaurants are able to provide such services — so it’s best if you brought along your own case or pouch to store your mask in. Dubbed as a pretty and functional essential in anyone’s bag, these cases and pouches help store your mask ensuring that it’s sanitary while you’re out dining.

Mask Organiser Case, from $2.50 to $3.80. Available at SHOPEE.
Tracyeinny Shiba Doggie Pouch, $16.90. Available at Tracyeinny.

5. Mask Extension Hook

Mask Extension Hook (Photo Courtesy)

The dilemma: your mask is either too tight or too loose for you, and it doesn’t fit snugly on your face. The best way to solve this is to invest in a mask extension hook. This extension hook not only helps to adjust the tightness of your mask around your face but it also relieves the tension of the mask loops around your ears.

Mask Extension Hook, $0.98. Available at SHOPEE.


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