The Controversial Fox Eye Trend That People Either Love Or Hate

Not familiar with the fox eye trend? Well, it’s about time you get acquainted. First popularised by stars like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, the Fox Eye trend has made its rounds on the Internet for its unique look that gives almond-shaped eyes a more lifted appearance on the outer corners. In fact, the trend on TikTok has garnered about 52 million views on TikTok.


I SHAVED MY EYEBROWS OFF FOR TIKTOK PLEASE DONT LET THIS FLOP #fyp #fup #viral #foxeye #foxeyechallenge #foxeyetrend

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By now, I’ve watched enough #foxeye videos on TikTok to know that the way these girls achieve the look is by shaving off the ends of their eyebrows, after the arch, before redrawing them to create the illusion of a more angular finish.

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To add onto the look, the trend also sees a bold and sharp winged liner that accentuates the illusion of a fox eye. Along the inner corner of the lash line, the width of the liner is also seen to be very thin, whereas it thickens when it reaches the outer corners before forming an angular wing, drawn at a 45-degree angle. For an extra touch, one can also sculpt and contour the face — especially the cheekbones and nose — for a more dramatised look.


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Now that’s not all though — there has been quite some controversy on the trend. Ever since it became popular, many viewers, especially Asians, have called out on the trend as racist, especially since it’s often accompanied by a photo of the subject having one or both of their hands pulling their temples back to create the look of upturned, slanted eyes.


did i do the fox eye trend right

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Of course, this definitely raised some brows, as many are concerned about the issue of racial insensitivity by culturally appropriating Asian features like the narrow and upturned eye shapes — a feature that many Asians have commonly been bullied and harassed for over the years.

This also comes at a time when hate crimes are still prevalent (read: #BlackLivesMatter, and Donald Trump calling COVID-19 a “Chinese virus”), the racial discrimination that people are still facing in the world today.

So is the fox eye trend racist? Though the trend is not intended to mimic Asian features, the similarities of the pose and gesture of the look are dishearteningly comparable. Sure, some of us may find the look somewhat alluring and sultry, but having to pull your eyes back for a selfie may come across as seemingly racist, and seen as an act of ignorance about the discrimination many Asians have faced for their features.


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