Dolphin Skin Is The Latest Beauty Trend That’s Making Waves

You would have probably heard about beauty trends such as glass skin or mochi skin that have been making its rounds in the beautyverse over the past few years. Some find it a hit, and others, a miss. Whatever the case is, a new beauty trend has surfaced and it’s nothing we had expected it to be. Enter dolphin skin.


The look is exactly how it sounds. Think of it as a finish that’s ultra glowy and youthful, keeping your skin looking plumped and hydrated, while giving it a beautiful iridescent finish and an exquisite dimensional look.

Coined as having the most glowy skin imaginable, many might confuse dolphin skin with the glass skin trend. The key difference, this time ’round, is that this one involves makeup. Think of it like a splash of colour — inspired by summery sea-themed hues, you’re using blush and highlighter to enhance the look of well-moisturised, glowy skin. Other noteworthy things we love about dolphin skin is also the fact that you don’t have to fret about those blemishes or bumps that can easily be concealed with makeup.


A universally flattering look for all skin tones, here’s how you need to know about creating the slippery look.



1. Start with a sheer wash of illuminating primer

We can’t emphasise how important it is to not skip prepping your skin, especially when it comes to achieving a glossy, glowing complexion. To start with, reach for an illuminating primer that’s hydrating while adding radiance to your skin.

Tom Ford Illuminating Primer, $110. Available at Tom Ford counters and Sephora.

Seamlessly blending the world of skincare and makeup, this Illuminating Primer by Tom Ford works to retexturise your skin while giving it a renewed, resilient and smoother base. Not to mention, it also helps rejuvenate skin so it looks and feels brighter and fresher.

2. Build your base with a glow-inducing foundation

shu uemura’s Unlimited Glow Breathable Care-In Foundation, $72. Available at shu uemura counters and Sephora.

Achieving that lit-from-within glow isn’t impossible when you have a foundation that gets you glowing. For instance, try opting for a medium-sheer foundation like shu uemura’s Unlimited Glow Breathable Care-In Foundation that hydrates your skin while delivering a natural and authentic glow, with a comfortable and long-lasting finish.

If it isn’t glowy enough, you can also try infusing highlighter drops intoyour mix, such as the Glow Silk Highlighter Drops Champagne Pop by Becca Cosmetics, for a more glossy look.

Becca Cosmetics Glow Silk Highlighter Drops Champagne Pop, $48. Available at Sephora.

3. Add some shine and colour to your palette with a blush and highlighter

Benefit Cosmetics’ High Beam Face Highlighter, $31. Available at Sephora.

Now, this is where it gets more interesting. Going big on highlighters, you can place your best bet on a liquid highlighter that promises to deliver shine and radiance to your look, just like Benefit Cosmetics’ High Beam Face Highlighter. One key thing to note about acing the dolphin skin look is the layering of the different textures on the high points of your face. These points include the bridge of the nose, the small area between the brows, the brow bone, the temples, the tops of the cheekbone and chin.

Éclat De Beauté Effet Lumière — Multi-use Gel Gloss, $43. Available at all Gucci beauty counters and online at TANGS.

Alternatively, you can also add in other textures such as a face gloss like the ones by Gucci Beauty. With its lightweight formula, the gloss glides seamlessly onto the skin and blends in well for the ultimate glowing finish. In this case, you can apply them on the high points of your face to add a glowing veil of transparent illumination to your look.

NARS Liquid Blush, $52. Available at all NARS counters and Sephora.

To add a youthful blush to your cheeks, opt for other liquid formulas for an extra cheery complexion. For instance, NARS Liquid Blush in their iconic shade, Orgasm, for a rosy glow.

4. Finish off with a setting spray

Urban Decay’s Chill Cooling and Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray, $48. Available at SEPHORA.

To lock in everything, be sure to finish off your look with a setting spray that keeps your look looking solid all day long. A failproof option would be Urban Decay’s Chill Cooling and Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray that has been said to be formulated with a moisturising formula that keeps your complexion feeling healthy while locking in your makeup in place for 12 hours.