Achieve The Beauty Sleep You Deserve With These MUJI Home Essentials

A good night’s sleep doesn’t necessarily start when your head hits your pillow — how you go about your day can often contribute to how well-rested you feel when you wake up in the morning, regardless of how many hours of shut-eye you might have gotten. Japanese home goods chain MUJI aims to help their customers live simply, comfortably and of course, sleep peacefully.

Here are a few essential tips you can consider incorporating into your every day life that may help you get the beauty sleep you deserve.

Tip #1: Start Your Day Well With Comfortable Clothing

Now that many of us are working from home, we may find ourselves falling into the habit of staying in our pajamas as we work throughout the day — the process of dressing up in the morning can often refresh our brains and improve our productivity, but that doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice our comfy home clothes.

Made with organic long staple cotton hand-harvested in Xinjiang, MUJI’s latest Men’s and Ladies’ Flannel series’ (less 10%, U.P. $33 – $59) are soft, comfortable and will even have you looking camera ready — there’s no need to fuss over an outfit change just for your afternoon Zoom meeting.

Feel like having a family flannel day? Made with durable, delicate twine woven fabric,  Kids Flannel (less 10%, U.P. $29 & $39) feels smooth on the skin, which your child will definitely appreciate.

Tip #2: Keep Your Favourite Scents By Your Side

The smells around you can definitely affect your mood, and even the smell of your neighbour’s cooking may distract you from your work. Everyone has their own olfactory preferences, and MUJI’s Portable Aroma Diffuser (less 10%, U.P. $59) makes a perfect desk companion, even in small spaces. A whiff of your favourite scent in the middle of the day can lift your mood and energy, and this can make falling asleep at night a little easier.

The cordless diffuser disperses the scent of your favourite essential oil within a 0.5m radius, which means every member of your household can have their own portable scent without overwhelming the room. A few drops of essential oil on the felt pad within will last for up to 4 hours — just add more when you feel like your scent is running out! Because this diffuser doesn’t require water, you can place it right next to you as you work — there won’t be any distracting mist around your computer screen.

Tip #3: Change Into Comfortable Loungewear To Relax In The Evening

Once you’re done with work for the day, loosen up in your favourite basics. MUJI’s Home Wear (less 10% on selected pieces, U.P. $19.90 – $39) is soft, light and feels almost like a second skin. Whether you’re spending quality time with the family or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you deserve some extra comfort in your day.

Tip #4: Sip On A Glass Of Your Favourite Drink

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing more refreshing than an ice-cold glass of your favourite beverage. Treat yourself to your drink of choice in one of MUJI’s Soda Lime Glasses (less 10%, U.P. $9.90 – $12.90 per set) which are the perfect size to sip on.

Looking for something new? Try out one of MUJI’s PET Bottled Drinks (less 10% for 2, U.P $1.90 & $2.90), like their Oolong Tea — all of these teas are made with a combination of natural grains, herbs and delicious green tea, which provide a mellow drinking experience. For those who’ve already maxed out their daily caffeine intake, try out something from their Caffeine-Free selection, such as their sweet Muscat & Rooibos Tea.

Tip #5: Pick Up Journaling

It’s important to have a healthy outlet, especially since many of us have experienced changes in our regular lifestyle over the past few months. Whether you need a space to process your thoughts, jot down your weekly goals or even plan for your next vacation in the hopeful future, starting a journal is a great habit to keep, no matter where you are in life. One stationary staple is MUJI’s Gel Ink Pen Cap Type (less 10%, U.P. $1.40), which provides a smooth writing experience and is available in a multitude of colours, all at a super affordable price point.

Tip #6: Sleep And Dream In Comfortable Pajamas

When it’s finally time for bed, we all want to feel as cosy as possible. Staying home all day may be disruptive to our sleep cycle, especially for those of us who may be working from our bedrooms, but changing into a comfortable pajama set may remind our bodies that it’s time to get the rest we deserve.

Made with organic cotton, MUJI’s Men’s & Ladies’ Side Seamless Flannel Pajamas (less 10%, U.P. $69) will aid you in getting a good night’s sleep. The seamless detail helps to reduce friction between the fabric and the skin, reducing any potential chafing, no matter how much you toss and turn at night. The soft material also has great moisture-wicking properties, which helps to transfer any moisture to the fabric’s outer surface, allowing for quick evaporation. You also don’t have to worry about any itchy labels, since Washing Care instructions have been printed directly onto the inner fabric.

Tip #7: Surround Yourself With Therapeutic Scents At Night

If you tend to have trouble going to sleep at night, adding the aroma of your favourite essential oils may do the trick. Incorporating a calming scent into your bedtime routine can naturally influence your mood and relax your mind and body — lavender can work as a typical sleep aid, but you can play around with scents and see what works for you. Combine MUJI’s Aroma Diffuser (U.P. $89 & $139) with your Essential Oil (U.P. $13 – $99) of choice to diffuse throughout the night, and wake up to a familiar smell you know and love.

Aroma Diffuser and Essential Oil, any 2 less 10%.

Tip #8: Choose The Right Bedding For A Good Night’s Sleep

Of course, your bed plays an equally important role in ensuring a good night’s sleep — whether it’s your bed frame, mattress, pillows or even your bedsheets, they all play a part in bringing you the ultimate comfort you need at the end of the day.

For some, simplicity is key — a fancy headboard doesn’t do much for your sleep, and for small living spaces, a minimalistic bed takes up much less room. MUJI’s no-frills Bed Frame and Mattress (less 10%, U.P. $239 – $1799) has the bed’s legs attached directly to the mattress, while still providing great comfort and stability — it can even double as a sofa to relax on in the day.

No bed is complete without a comfy set of pillows, and you’re bound to find an ideal set within MUJI’s wide range of Pillows (less 20%, U.P. $16.90 – $69). Mix and match between sizes and textures to create your perfect sleeping space.

Complete your bedroom with convenient, comfortable Bedlinen (less 20%, U.P. $13 – $129). Whether you’re looking for duvet covers, futon covers, pillowcases or fitted sheets, MUJI’s got you covered. Made with 100% organic cotton, the washed cotton bedlinen will make you feel as if you’re sleeping in sheets made from your favourite t-shirt. You can also look forward to a fuss-free experience when washing or replacing your linens, with the help of handy snap buttons and replaceable fasteners that will keep your sheets in place when in use.


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