Givenchy Beauty Surprises With A Spray-On Moisturiser and Compact Cream

This is the age of convenience, and we want everything instantly — and that includes our skincare. Who has time for a jar of cream anymore when you can just spray it on, or smoosh it on like a cushion compact? Also, we want our things to look pretty. Seems like Givenchy Beauty has hit all the right notes with these skincare innovations.

L’Intemporel Blossom Compact Cream ($86) is a moisturising cream in a compact case with sponge applicator. It looks like a cushion, but works like a day cream. Key ingredients include: Angelica extract, which is a flower with regenerative properties; Pink berries, which strengthen the skin’s natural defence; and Vitamin C that’s great for hydration and glow.

Apply this in the morning in place of your usual moisturiser, and throughout the day on areas that feel tight or dry. This is touted as an “anti-fatigue” and “skin embellisher” skincare. So expect glowy skin, and more suppleness over time. The immediate benefit is of course instant moisturisation and comfort.

L’Intemporel Blossom Cream-In-Mist ($83) is a day cream that simply sprays on. It sounds glorious and it is! It is gloriously convenient, it looks good, and smells good too. This comes in a small metal can that you shake before using, then just mist over the entire face, neck and any body part you feel like moisturising. It has all the same main active ingredients as the compact cream above, with the addition of Cotton extract that acts as a protective barrier for the skin. This results in skin looking plumper, more radiant and the texture more refined.

Well, you know… that’s pretty much what every moisturiser claims to offer; but I do really like the format that these come in. Moreover, they’re pretty.

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