Lumio Presents Teno — A Portable Speaker That Also Produces Light

If you’re in the market for a new portable speaker, Lumio’s latest launch on Kickstarter might just be right up your alley. Their latest innovation, Teno, brings you a new way of experiencing sound and light in a well-crafted bowl sculpture made from natural sand.

When cracked open, the device reveals soft, warm light that can be adjusted with a simple tap, and when it is fully open, you’ll get to enjoy the powerful speaker which you can control through touch.


Teno is available in Arctic White or Lava Black. (Image courtesy of Lumio)

Inspired by kintsugi, the Japanese art of piecing together broken parts rather than throwing them away, Teno celebrates the perfection in the imperfect and does away with cold, sleek plastic surfaces.

Instead of the typical box design, Teno is crafted as a modern interpretation of a sound bowl which uses textured natural sand on the outside to replicate holding nature in your hands, while the hard inner shell provides durability and precision for the technology to work.

Compact for easy portability around the house. (Image courtesy of Lumio)

Available in a compact 5-inch size, Teno fits neatly in the palm of your hand, making it small enough to be portable from your living space to your workspace. Apart from being a speaker, Teno also allows you to connect with your environment through its built-in light which can create a calming atmosphere when you need to take a breather from your daily tasks. 

Unlike most speakers which wear and tears with age, Teno is designed to last, with high-quality, sustainably sourced parts and a timeless aesthetic that will become more visually pleasing many years down the road.


Teno is easy to operate with handy touch controls. (Image courtesy of Lumio)

Featuring a simple design, the Teno offers an easy way for you to operate the device by cracking it open to switch it on, and piecing it back together to turn it off. 

To fully utilise the light, tap the centre top surface to activate the dimmer and find your preferred choice of brightness. To enjoy music with the speaker, simply separate the shell fully to turn it on and stream your playlist directly from your phone using Bluetooth connectivity.

In addition to being able to control the volume with a simple slide action along the curve of the device, Teno also gives you the ability to receive calls through the speaker with a light tap on the corner.


Get powerful sound even in the compact body of the Teno. (Image courtesy of Lumio)

Teno is equipped with a state-of-the-art Bluetooth 5.0 chip and a 10W Class-D amplifier to deliver the most powerful sound while keeping audio distortions to a minimum. Using the advanced DSP technology, the sound is fine-tuned to allow for a more balanced and comfortable listening experience for all types of music genres. Combined with the highest quality audio hardware, you’ll be able to enjoy amazing highs, crystal-clear mid ranges and deep, powerful bass.

You’ll also get to experience crystal-clear voice calls with its built-in high definition noise-cancelling microphone that lets you join online meetings and calls completely hands-free.


When your Teno runs out of juice, simply place the discreet-looking charger under the device and the magnetic charging head will snap into place and turn on the indicator light which tells you if it’s charging.



Teno is now available at USD $270 (approx. SGD $367) as part of Lumio’s Kickstarter project. To start pledging funds for the project or to find out more information, click here.