Take A Look At Lush’s Christmas Bath Bombs, Soaps, And Impressive Gift Sets

It’s never really the holiday season until we’ve unanimously gasped at Lush‘s array of bath bombs, bubble bars, and  gift sets. And my, oh my, with a galore of over 80 items in their Christmas catalogue, whether these are favourites from the ghosts of collections past or brand new items you can’t wait to unveil for your next bubble bath ‘gram,  you and your friends are in for a treat. No bathtub at home? You’d be wanting to booking that next staycation, stat.

Fairy Christmas Gift Set, $169.
The Art of Christmas Gift Set, $289 (launching in December).

This year, Lush has also made an even more conscious effort towards sustainability, as they always have really, whether it’s in the use of eco-friendly materials in their 100% vegan handmade products, or reusable packaging. You’ve probably heard of the brand’s “naked” products, that is, bath and shampoo items that come with no outer packaging, an impressive feat that significantly reduces water in their manufacturing process. Bath bombs also usually come in brown paper bags if you’re not fussed.

That said, it’s Christmas gifting, and they’ve managed to make their holiday items to look impressive, while considering sustainable packaging options. Those fluffy packaging nuggets you see are called EcoFlos, and are made of compostable corn starch, while boxes are constructed using recycled coffee cups. They’re also big on knot wrapping, which use beautiful scarves made from recycled clothing, that can later be  repurposed by wearing them as a hair accessory, knotted around your neck, a la Emily in Paris, or in whatever way you deem fit.

Oh Christmas Tree Gift Set, $65.
Sleepy Knotwrap, $15.

There’s just too many to mention, but we’ve taken note of some of the best ones in our choice features below — these range from extremely pampering gift baskets and advent calendars, to little soap and dish sets or curated gifts that you may want to consider for Secret Santa exchanges.

Christmas Gift Sets

Obviously, the mega sets of bathtime favourites will get the most oohs and aahs from your giftee, what with all the bath bombs, bubble bars, shower gels, and body lotions that will set them up for multiple self-care sessions. Then again, we’d still be mighty thankful for any of the other gift sets too, including a few that pay homage to Lush’s bestselling Snow Fairy series, classic sets that feature even the bath bombs topped with a bow, or particularly fun ones the kids might love, whether that includes a roaring dinosaur or sparkly shooting star.


Christmas products

The geniuses at the Lush labs have done it again! Create covetable new items that complement their existing, already covetable sets of Christmas items. New items include the adorable I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas bath bomb, where a floating hippo will fizz away in your bath, and even let out a fun surprise, as this one’s made with a dash of popping candy. A Winter Garden bath bomb will delight those who like to curl up with wine and a book in the bath, as this gives snow-white waters and a calming ylang ylang scent. There are also updated versions of the Wonderball bath bombs, a new Snow Fairy Roll bubble bar infused with their bestselling fragrance, a Candy Cane Lip Scrub, as well as other Santa, Elf, or Rudolf-inspired beauty products.



Lush Christmas 2020 collection, available from October at all Lush stores, sg.lush.com, ZALORA Beauty, and Shopee Mall.