The OG “Real Deals” Auntie Is Here To Dish Out All Of foodpanda’s 10.10 Promotions

While it seems like we’ve just gotten over the hype of 9.9, it looks like the next series of year-end sales are almost upon us — that’s right, get ready for 10.10!

Many online retailers are pushing out massive discounts and deals at the same time, so we wouldn’t be surprised if your feed’s currently inundated with discounts. Thing is, which one should you go for, and who should you trust? Enter, the OG auntie — queen of watapps (sic) and professional hunter of cheap, cheap discounts.

Trust this face.

At least, that’s who food delivery platform, foodpanda, has their hopes on, for their 10.10 offerings, happening 5 October to 25 October 2020. In a tongue-in-cheek video that sees just about the most swag “auntie” in town, complete with her crew of foodpanda hype boys, she’s rapping to a catchy tune on “real deals”.

Go ahead and watch the video here:

Some choice gems she dishes out include: “All these nonsense that you buy / your mummy really close one eye / boy ah boy you spend your money ; next time how to get a wife”, or “Don’t come try argue because auntie / knows better than you”. We can’t even begin to refute that last one.

So why all the fuss? And more importantly, why should we listen to boomer-style nagging when we’re already subject to it at home…? But okay, we get it. foodpanda’s 10.10 deals are the real deals — pun, fully intended — and this year, they are focused on their health and beauty categories, as well as their offerings on pandamart.

You might know the brand only for its food delivery service, but they’ve actually expanded quite a fair bit from that. These include grocery service, pandamart, and the recently-announced on-demand delivery service, pandago.

Screenshots of pandamart on the foodpanda app.

pandamart, for instance, can deliver groceries to your door, while offering a wide selection of household brands, from Nestle to Colgate, items such as shampoo, cosmetics, snacks,  and fresh produce, available 24/7. You can also order from over 3,000 shops listed on the foodpanda platform. Either way, the big draw here is that they’re able to reach your home in 25 minutes. Very convenient, indeed!

It makes sense, then, that our regular neighbourhood auntie knows there it’s at — it, being, the best deals that is, so you can make the wisest choices during this shopping season. Here’s a quick look at what you can look forward to:


DEAL: $10 off with a minimum order value of $25 on all health and beauty shops, with promo code <REAL10>

Auntie says: “Time to take care of your face / wear this mask don’t be afraid”
“Sleeping early keep it simple / next time face confirm no pimple”

Looking for sheet masks? Skincare to deal with your maskne? Or just a top up of your favourite shampoo? Auntie’s mantra of taking care of your face is 100% true, and we can fulfill all our skincare, cosmetics, and beauty needs via foodpanda. The platform counts Guardian, Etude House, The Body Shop among its brand-name offerings, so if you’re a quick fix — now at a $10 off discount — you know where to go.

Screenshots of Etude House and Guardian on the foodpanda app.


DEAL: up to 30% off pandamart

Auntie says when she sees the dismal contents inside a fridge: “Look inside see your food / banana where got black and blue?”
… And offers a better option — fresh produce.

Like the couple in the video, we’re often guilty of leaving expired items in our fridge, but the beauty of pandamart is that you can also order fresh fruits and vegetables, alongside your regular groceries! This takes away the hassle of going to the store, while the quick on-demand delivery window of 25 minutes ensure they still stay fresh.

I’ve personally tried the service as well and love it for its convenience — my Famous Amos cookies arrived in no time, while I’ve also stocked up on a load of fruit juices and drinks too, even late at night, to have them arrive at my door without having to lug them home (thank you foodpanda rider!). This season, foodpanda is offering up to 30% off selected pandamart products too, so if you haven’t tried the service out, it’s high time you did!

Screenshots of the fresh produce section for pandamart.

Flash Deals

DEAL: Flash deals on select food categories every Tuesday – Thursday, 1pm – 5pm

Auntie knows better than you — so listen up.

The third major deal that foodpanda is offering is one you can’t miss — simply because these might be snapped up quickly! You might already be familiar with flash deals, where items will go on sale for a limited amount of time, before they’re back to their original prices. During the 10.10 shopping festival, foodpanda is offering flash deals on select food categories every Tuesday to Thursday. To access the flash deals, look to the carousel tile in your app.

These are the flash deals you can look forward to each week for the month of October:

    • Week 1 (6 – 8 Oct),  12pm – 5pm: 30% off hawker categories, with promo code <FLASHHWK>
    • Week 2 (13 – 15 Oct),  12pm – 5pm: 30% off hawker categories, with promo code <FLASHHWK>
    • Week 3 (20 – 22 Oct), 1pm – 5pm: 25% off burgers, with promo code <FLASHBGR>
    • Week 4 (27 – 29 Oct),  1pm – 5pm: 25% off burgers, with promo code <FLASHBGR>


foodpanda 10.10 deals, happening from 5 October to 25 October 2020. Use the discount code ‘REAL10’ for health & beauty, when you order  on the foodpanda app.