The LOEWE X Totoro Collection Launching Today Is Pretty Much Sold Out

Earlier this week, the news broke for the LOEWE X Totoro capsule collection and it launches today in store and online. And…. it’s pretty much all sold out before it even hits the floor. There was a pre-launch for the collection to LOEWE’s VIP customers and all the key (and more affordable) pieces were immediately reserved. For example, all the Heel Bags are sold out, and anything with Totoro’s face on it. So if you were thinking of making your way down to ION or MBS today, call the store first (67336477 — ION / 66887506 — MBS) to find out what’s still left. Actually, don’t bother calling ION, only the Dust Bunnies slippers are left and will probably be sold out soon.

Above: Loewe Totoro Heel Bag in Soft Calfskin, $1,650.
Loewe Dust bunnies Heel Bag in Soft Calfskin, $1,650.
Both sold out before launch.

Above: Loewe Dust Bunnies Gate Pocket in Soft Calfskin, $1,300.
Loewe Totoro gate pocket in Soft Calfskin (Yellow), $1,300.
Loewe Totoro gate pocket in Soft Calfskin (blue), $1,450.
All sold out before launch.

Also, not the entire collection was brought in to Singapore, such as this gorgeous hoodie with Totoro in a tree.

Above: LOEWE Totoro Tree hoodie in cotton and wool, $2,700. Unavailable in Singapore.

Unsurprisingly, the leather jackets are still available. Because no one can afford them.

Above: Loewe Totoro biker jacket in nappa, $13,350.
Loewe Dust Bunnies biker jacket in nappa, $7,550.

We scoured the entire Loewe website to find the pieces that are still available (at the time of publishing this article). If you want any of them, you better be quick.

The black t-shirt is sold out, but the rest in yellow, green and pink are all still available on the web store. Clearly not many believe in paying $550 for a cotton tee. Just wait for Uniqlo UT to have a Totoro collection.

Above: Loewe Totoro T-shirt in cotton, $550 each, in YELLOW, GREEN and PINK.

Most surprising are the Basket bags that are actually still available now (they’ll probably be sold out by the time you read this). If you really want a piece of the collection, I’d recommend these because they’re under $1,000, are actually useful and will last a lifetime.

Above: Loewe Dust bunnies basket bag in palm leaf and calfskin, available in Small, $750 and Medium, $850.

The Landscape sweatshirt and shorts are also still available:

Above: Loewe Landscape Totoro sweatshirt in cotton, $1,150 and shorts in Linen, $1,550.

Whoa, the oversized shirts are still available online too!

Above: Loewe Totoro Crafty Tree oversize shirt in cotton and wool, $2,350.
Loewe Dust Bunnies oversized shirt in cotton, $1,900.

Finally, behold! The Dust Bunnies slippers that are the ONLY thing left at the ION store:

Above: Loewe Dust Bunnies Slipper in polyester, $1,250.