Where To Buy Mahjong Tiles In Singapore, Including The Sold-Out Set from Singapore Airlines

Before the internet, mahjong sets were widely sold at Fu Lu Shou Complex, with many of the uncles there selling traditional sets imported from China. If you’re looking for a dedicated Mahjong store, you can check out Tong Cheong (Soon Kee) Trading that’s located in City Plaza; prices are reasonable and there’s a wide range of tiles you can choose from.

Above: Photo taken from Tong Cheong (Soon Kee) Trading website

Other good mahjong sets are the ones from alcohol brands; they are given out as gifts with purchase and you just need to look out for them in supermarkets the weeks leading up to Chinese New Year. For example, these are Tiger Beer and Guinness Mahjong sets that were given out as promotional items in recent years.

Above: Tiger Beer (from 2017) and Guinness Mahjong sets given out as gifts with purchase or prizes.

A good Mahjong set can last an entire lifetime (if you don’t lose any of the pieces), and you really only need one set in the household. If you want to invest in a collectible that stays true to the game’s values, get on the pre-order list for Singapore Airline’s limited edition Mahjong set. It launched late last year on KrisShop but promptly sold out.

The unique tiles feature the airline’s signature batik motif and flight-related elements. Delivery is only from April 2021 onwards and it’s limited to one set per customer.

Above: The Bamboo suit reflects the seat map, while the first bamboo tile is depicted by the Singapore Airlines logo. As for the design of the circles, they are inspired by aircraft engines.

Above: The 白板 (bái ban) tile is the aircraft window!

Above: The signature batik motif is shown on the back on the tiles.

Above: The chips also feature the famous batik motif.

Above: The Singapore Airlines Mahjong Set in case

If you just want to bio the most chio looking Mahjong sets, here are the ridiculous ones we’ll never own:

Brunello Cucinelli Wood Mahjong Set

Above: Brunello Cucinelli wood Mahjong Set, $16,190, from FARFETCH.This is a full walnut wood set in pleasing, neutral hues. The tiles are all hand-engraved, while the wooden dice are handmade too.

Tiffany&Co. Mahjong Set

Above: Tiffany&Co. Mahjong Set, US$15,000, from TIFFANY.COM. With this set, you’re paying for the iconic Tiffany Blue box (in full leather, of course) and dice made of sterling silver.

Hermès Helios Mahjong Set

Above: Hermès Helios Mahjong set, US$40,400, from HERMES.COM. The tiles are made of solid palissander wood and printed Swift calfskin.


Zouk also has (or shall I say, had) a Mahjong set. It was available on its official Shopee store, and is sold out. No news about whether they’ll restock but you never know, right? Especially when it retails at $500 and there’s money to be made.