Apple Marks International Women’s Day with A Spotlight on Female Photographers And Content Makers

In celebration of International Women’s Day on 8 March, female content creators are taking centre stage as Apple honours women with specially curated female-driven content on the App Store and Apple TV+ alongside a collaborative photo series featuring photos from female photographers all around the world.


A selection of female photographers from across the globe have come together to contribute to a special photo series that reflects the theme of gender and how being a woman in 2021 has influenced their work. 

The collection doesn’t just give these inspiring women a platform to showcase their talent but also provides an outlet to encourage self-reflection and promote the notion of sisterhood in an otherwise seemingly male-dominated industry.

Here’s a look at some of the photos from each photographer.

Anna Aiko, Japan (@ANNA.AIKO)

Description of her photo series: Since ancient times, hospitality has been the most important cultural aspect in the Arab home. As a female photographer, Anna has had the opportunity to form deeper connections with women and has often been welcomed like a family member, where she was able to access the hidden beauty of those Arabic women’s life (like the photos she captured of the Bedouin Women).

Annice Lyn, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (@ANNICELYN)

Description of her photo series: Annice’s photos encapsulate the resilience and love of her grandmother that has prevailed through the years. She also explores the visual narratives of humanity’s tangible moments and the beauty of nature through the lens from a female perspective.

Celia D. Luna, USA (@CELIADLUNA)

Description of her photo series: Realising that most women become more aware of what the future holds when they carry a baby, Celia wanted to showcase sisterhood and portray women as magnificent as Mother Earth with her photos. In wanting the best for their baby — that’s when mothers-to-be become more concern about taking care of Mother Earth.

Marina Spironetti, Italy (@MARINASPIRONETTI)

Description of her photo series: Isolation played a very important part in the birth of this series of photos. Inspired by the global lockdown due to the pandemic, Marina wanted to focus on the feeling of being ‘suspended’ in limbo but also identifying the beauty that still remains, which can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary regardless of the difficulties.

Noura Al Neyadi, UAE (@NOoORA91)

Description of her photo series: For this series of photos, Noura’s goal was to capture inspiring women in their element. When Fatima Alhashmi, the first Emirati opera singer, isn’t awing crowds with her magical voice, she’s often seen dazzling others by playing the piano or cello. She has since risen up in the previously male-dominated music industry and become an inspiration to young Emirati girls as they pursue their dreams in music.

Silvia Potenza, Italy (@SHAHZINHA)

Description of her photo series: Silvia wanted her photos to communicate the intense connection that, as a woman, she feels with the water and the earth. She thinks that creativity is something related to women’s nature and their ability to create is strongly tied-in with water.

Vanessa Charlot, USA (@VANESSA.CHARLOT)

Description of her photo series: As a woman photographer, Vanessa is always thinking about intergenerational matriarchs and how they shape familial bonds during challenging moments. Within Black families, grandmothers are known historically as a fundamental building block and cornerstone. It is through her that you find love, comfort, strength and wisdom.

Vanessa Wong, Hong Kong (@vanlml)

Description of her photo series: Vanessa captures photos that depart from typical femininity, which often use colours to communicate warmth, mood and emotion. Instead, she relies on minimal light to tell a story, allowing elements of the image to be swallowed up in blackness as she uses black & white to recreate her own story with her own ‘colour’.

Yasmin Yassin, USA (@YAZZIZ)

Description of her photo series: Yasmin first embarked on her photo series with a concept that she developed called ‘In My Own’, where she invited local female creatives to express themselves in their own way through personal styling and colour choices that best express their personalities as she tries to authentically capture portraits that show the still beauty of women and the different ways they express themselves.


Shine app for Apple iPhone.

In line with the theme #ChooseToChallenge for International Women’s Day 2021, the App Store features themed collections that celebrate women-led apps that are making a difference for females today. 

These apps include:

📱 Shine, a wellbeing app that re-creates the experience of talking to a wise and caring friend, taking into account how life experiences, your identity and even geopolitics might be affecting you

📱 Clue, a cycle-tracking app that tracks and predicts your period and ovulation while also analysing the data to share insights about your health and help you understand patterns unique to your body

📱 Kitchen Stories Recipes, a cooking guide app that offers engaging instructional videos and step-by-step recipes that encourage home cooks to broaden their culinary horizons and share their own recipes


Jennifer Aniston in Apple TV+’s The Morning Show.

Watch leading women on Apple TV+ in shows like For All Mankind, Dickinson and Wolfwalkers while celebrating the women behind some of Apple TV+’s original titles such as On The Rocks, Palmer and Servant. 

You can also explore a series of female-driven editorial collections such as Boss Women in the Workforce which feature films like Joy and The Morning Show, as well as Strong Female Characters that showcase movies such as Mulan and Captain Marvel.



For more information about the female-driven content available this March on Apple, click here.

Header images courtesy of Annice Lyn, Celia D. Luna and Marina Spironetti.