The story of Sunday Bedding and those sheets that keep getting sold out

Most of my life, I’ve approached bedding as a basic necessity — which led me to continually purchase them at Ikea. Mainly because Ikea is cheap, and it’s plain. Then a few years ago for my birthday, my girl friends bought me a set of BOSS bedding at a Robinsons sale, which had a ridiculous price tag of over $2,000, but was marked down to a few hundred dollars. The sheets were nice; certainly smoother than the Ikea ones, but I wouldn’t call them life-changing. But they did open up my world to better bedding — that is, better than basic Ikea that tends to be scratchy until you wash it for the 100th time, by which it’ll then start pilling. And this is when I realised, bedding is one of those simple things that can completely improve our quality of life; a comfortable bed obviously means better sleep, and better sleep is something we all want.

While bedding is also very personal, we can all agree that we want our sheets to be soft and smooth. And in my newfound quest for the smoothest, softest bedsheets and pillow cases, I came across Sunday Bedding on my social media newsfeed.

Above: Sunday Bedding bamboo sheet set in warm sand, from $218. includes 1 fitted sheet, 1 duvet cover and 2 queen-sized pillowcases.

Sunday Bedding is run by a Singaporean couple who started the brand as an alternative to expensive sheets, offering ones that are well-made and well-priced. Their best-selling material is the Bamboo Sateen range, which is made from 100% bamboo rayon. It feels like silk (silky smooth, soft and pliable), and are more absorbent than cotton, so it wicks away sweat easily. Discerning consumers would also love to know that the brand only uses sustainably harvested bamboo rayon, from suppliers that meet green certifications and ultimately use less water in their production.

As Singapore’s weather is always so hot and humid, I decided on a set of Sunday Bedding’s Bamboo Sateen sheets (the set includes 1 fitted sheet, 1 duvet cover and 2 pillowcases), and in Sunny White. Unfortunately for me, the colour was sold out and I ended up with my next best option, Vanilla Mist, which is more of a cream colour (still nice!).

Above: Sunday Bedding bamboo sheets in vanilla mist.

After giving them a wash and replacing all my bedding with this Sunday Bedding set, it wasn’t even an hour before my husband started asking me about the sheets saying we should get more. And that was all the confirmation I needed that these were good sheets. He’s not easily impressed and barely notices when I change something (especially my hair); and for him to make a good comment about something, to me, that’s something worth having.

Personally, I found the sheets super smooth and cool to the touch, and the King-sized pillow cases were a perfect fit for my large Ikea pillows. These are sheets that don’t need to be “broken into” to make them softer, and I really like that they come packed in their own drawstring bag that is perfect for storage as well. Keeping the entire set together in its own bag makes it really convenient whenever I need to change my bedding.

Now looking through the Sunday Bedding website, I see that my original Sunny White choice is back in stock! But I’m now eyeing the Drizzling Rain and Sage Green sets.

Above: Sunday Bedding bamboo sheets in Drizzling Rain.

Apart from the Bamboo Sateen material, Sunday Bedding also offers bedding in French Linen, Cotton Sateen and 100% Organic Cotton. Pricing depends on the material of course, with pillow cases starting from $38 for a pair, and fitted sheets starting from $70. If you’re on a budget or don’t really need new bedding, you could start with just a pair of their bamboo pillow cases. Sunday Bedding offers a 30-day return policy if you’re unhappy with your purchase, so there’s really no harm trying something. In fact, I’m pretty sure you’ll want to keep them.

Above: Sunday Bedding bamboo sheets in Sage Green.


I did five quick questions with Clara Teo, the Co-founder of Sunday Bedding. Hear from her about the brand:

When was the brand founded?
Sunday Bedding is an online bedding brand in Singapore, for anyone who believes that sleep is a rare luxury and wants a better experience. Founded by Alex Fan and Clara Teo in November 2018, this direct-to-consumer brand is built on the ethos of helping people create a personal sanctuary so that they can wake up to a better morning. Ever conscious of the environmental impact traditionally associated with the textiles industry, Sunday Bedding focuses on offering sustainable alternatives – linen, organic cotton and regenerative fibres like bamboo – which, after extensive experimenting, have been chosen specifically for both their comfort factor and environmental impact. Sunday Bedding also works with emerging artists and brands to create limited runs featuring artwork of the talents.

What’s the most popular style and colour / pattern?
In terms of material, Bamboo sheets have been our best seller as they are cooling and moisture-wicking and suited for the warm climate in Singapore. Neutral colours such as Vanilla Mist and Warm Sand are also popular as it is easy to mix and match with different bedroom styles. Finally, our print designs such as Provenance, Lines and Movement are always very well-received with our customers.

Your personal favourite?
We sleep on bamboo sheets and under a linen duvet cover to get the best of both worlds between Bamboo and French Linen.  For colours, we like calming colours such as Greys and Blues so the Cloudy Grey and Misty Blue sheets are always in use!

I understand you guys just restocked! How often do you sell out?
Since we emerged from the ‘circuit breaker’ period last year, we’ve been selling out every two months!  One of our goals this year is to reduce stockouts this year so we have been working closely with our factory to place larger orders and keeping a close watch over our inventory levels. Hopefully we would be able to reduce our stockouts this year!

Can you share with us your thoughts on bedding trends. Are there any?
The post pandemic period that we’re currently going through can be defined by restraints, and we think that this facilitates a trend towards more mindful consumption. We are hopeful that this will shift demand towards more sustainable materials and an interest in the stories behind the pieces that you buy. This means more designer stories, behind-the-scenes previews and most importantly, more transparency behind how our products are being made.

We also expect designs and colours to be more pared down, with an emphasis on the tactile experience. Colour palette should continue to stay neutral. Nourishing, natural greens were popular towards last year and should continue to remain relevant this year as consumers focus on balancing both their physical and mental health. We are also exploring Lilac shades with a tinge of Grey this year. As consumers adapt to the new normal and spend more time at home, we expect to see more consumers invest in decorative items on the bed e.g. decorative pillows or multi-functional throw blankets that can be used on the bed or sofa.

Shop the range at SUNDAYBEDDING.COM. All photos courtesy Sunday Bedding.