Muji Singapore Celebrates Their 18th Anniversary with Everyday Essentials For The New Normal

Since the start of the pandemic about a year ago, many of us have adapted our way of living to the new kind of lifestyle borne out of a very changed world. As we continue to navigate through the new normal, we are often searching for ways to better our changing environments to make our lives a little simpler and less hectic.

Muji Singapore celebrates their 18th birthday in the wake of the new normal with a renewed commitment to providing everyday essentials that will not only make our lives simpler but also offer functionality for our various needs.


Here’s a look at some products that you can consider adding to your home to complement your lifestyle and daily routines.


Now that most of us are headed back to the office, it is even more important to pay attention to our self-care, especially when we are facing more digital stress and require constant upkeep to our hygiene practices. To help with this, you could consider adding a little aromatherapy into your workspace with the Muji Aroma diffuser and scented essential oils!


Whether you are working from home or the office, a conducive workspace is what you’ll need to enhance productivity. Muji storage items are good in helping to keep your desk and documents organised while making it accessible to retrieve things that are frequently used.


Even though we are starting to enjoy the outdoors again, most of us still prefer spending our time indoors, where it is a little less restrictive. So, it is important to always ensure that your living space is tidy and comfortable for you to unwind and relax. The Muji PP Bucket is an ideal tool to have ready with its scale indicating volume by litre, which allows you to adjust the portion of water and detergent easily while you clean.


With travelling still not quite possible yet, you could use your free time to introduce yourself to new hobbies or even go out to explore and re-discover Singapore. And, with the hot weather in Singapore, it is necessary to stay hydrated wherever you go with the Muji My Bottle — a reusable lightweight water bottle with a capacity of 330ml.


In addition to the everyday essentials you can find at Muji, look out for their newly-launched 2021 Spring-Summer menu from Café&Meal Muji. The new menu will feature four new deli dishes including two hot delis — the Barramundi with Potato & Leek, and the Kohi Pork & King Oyster Mushroom — which will be available to order as part of their usual set offering ($18.80) that consists of 4 featured deli dishes, 16-grain rice, and choice of soup.

Here’s a look at the new items.

2021 Spring-Summer Menu


In an effort to do their part for the planet, Muji Singapore will be implementing a few sustainability initiatives which you will experience in-store from 1 April 2021.


From 1 April 2021, Muji Singapore will no longer issue plastic shopping bags and will implement a $0.20 charge for each paper bag request. Large-sized items will be provided with alternative packing options upon request.


As part of their efforts to encourage the use of reusable bottles, Muji will be installing water refill stations at selected outlets to provide free water refilling service. Do note that this service is currently only available at Muji Plaza Singapura.


To help recycle resources and reduce the amount of waste, products available at Muji will now use recycled papers as part of their packaging in place of plastics. The change has been implemented on the display hooks of socks and scarfs as well as for the packaging of the aroma diffuser, essential oils, and innerwear.



You can find all the products featured here at Muji Singapore outlets across Singapore as well as online through the official Muji Singapore stores on Shopee, eCapitamall, and Amazon SG. 

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All images courtesy of Muji Singapore.