PHS HAIRSCIENCE Helps to Combat COVID-Related Hair Loss with FEM Fortify Daily Regime

The current pandemic has impacted the lives of everyone in the world economically, physically, and mentally. A lot of us often feel the build-up of mental fatigue when we are working from home especially with the collective stress of work, household chores, and the family.

While we may note the typical effects that stress can take on our body, we don’t often realise that it can also affect our hair growth. Though it is easy to think that age and unhealthy diets are more likely threats to our crowning glory, the current rise in stress-related hair loss has been attributed to the challenges of the new normal.

In order to help you prevent the vicious cycle of hair loss from repeating, PHS HAIRSCIENCE has designed FEM Fortify Daily Regime, a 3-step scalp and hair care regime aimed at keeping your scalp in good shape and capable of supporting healthy hair growth.

Made with the purest botanical essences and free from harmful additives like parabens, mineral oils, or benzophenone, PHS HAIRSCIENCE products harnesses the power of Bio-Conversion Plant Stem Cells and Patent 5 Complex Technology to ensure effective and faster results.


A healthy scalp provides the foundation for beautiful hair and is integral to optimal hair growth cycles. Due to the large number of sebaceous glands, sweat glands, and hair follicles as compared to the skin on the rest of the body, our scalps are naturally more susceptible to inflammation and irritation, which can affect natural hair growth.

As it is essential to keep the scalp clean, we need to regularly eliminate sweat, grime, sebum, dead skin cells, product residue, and harmful bacteria that it accumulates. This would help to prevent infections and scalp disorders that potentially damage and impairs healthy hair growth.

The Signature Daily Regime begins with the Double Cleanse — ADV Nutrition Shampoo and FEM Fortify Shampoo followed by the FEM Fortify Conditioner and FEM Fortify Tonic. Here’s a closer look at each of the products and their benefits.

Double Cleanse — ADV Nutrition Shampoo (200ml, $48 / 1000ml, $210)

Good for all scalp types, the ADV Nutrition Shampoo is the essential first step of PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s signature Double Cleanse. The powerful sebum and dirt removing daily shampoo deep-cleanses the scalp to remove unhealthy build-up and unclog hair follicles.

Formulated with anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidants, the shampoo restores your scalp’s moisture balance and helps to improve the scalp’s barrier functions while strengthening its defence against oxidative damage and inflammation to provide a strong foundation for healthy hair.

Double Cleanse — FEM Fortify Shampoo (200ml, $48 / 1000ml, $210)

Specially formulated for women with mild hair loss and thinning concerns, as well as those who are looking to prevent premature hair loss, the FEM Fortify Shampoo provides scalp protection and gently cleanses without stripping off natural moisture.  It also helps to energise, rehabilitate and strengthen the scalp to reduce hair fall while providing hair follicles with essential nutrients to prevent hair thinning.

FEM Fortify Conditioner (200ml, $48 / 1000ml, $210)

Help to reduce hair fall by strengthening your hair fibres and preventing hair breakage with the FEM Fortify Conditioner. Formulated with tomato stem cells, milk protein extract, and sweet almond extract, the conditioner also helps to hydrate and soften hair, smoothing hair cuticles to restore shine, vitality, and lasting softness.

PHS HAIRSCIENCE FEM Fortify Tonic (100ml, $120)

Repair and restore damaged hair follicles with the FEM Fortify Tonic which delivers vital nutrients to nourish and strengthen hair roots while reducing hair fall. The tonic offers scalp protection and reinvigorates hair follicles to support healthy, natural hair growth to help keep your hair full-looking for longer.



PHS HAIRSCIENCE products are available for in-store purchase at Wheelock Place (#04-12), Ngee Ann City (#05-25A/B), Plaza Singapura (#04-34/35), Bedok Mall (#B2-40/41), and Takashimaya Level 3 counter.

You can also purchase them online at, Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, Qoo10, eCapitalMall, iShopChangi, and KrisShop. 

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