Review: Polaroid’s newest creative instant camera, the Polaroid Now+

Polaroid has taken one of their most popular classic instant cameras, the Now, and upgraded it with Bluetooth connectivity, which connects to Polaroid’s app. It’s called the Now+ and looks and feels exactly like the Now, but costs a bit more and allows the user to get really creative through various settings on the app. And while the Now is available in a rainbow spectrum of colours, the Now+ only comes in black (featured here), white and blue.

Above: The POLAROID NOW+ in black + Color i-type film (black frame).

The Now+ has a smooth, rounded shape, which makes it appear more modern. It’s obviously very nice, but I personally prefer the more squarish shape of the Polaroid OneStep that is based off the original camera from the 70s, and has a retro look and feel. Click here for a good comparison between the Polaroid Now and OneStep cameras.

Above: lens cap and filters included in the box.

There are some fun things in the box: a protective lens cap (which I once forgot to remove before a shoot, and wasted two pieces of film), a charging cable (the camera has a USB-rechargable battery), and a pouch with 5 filters.

Above: there’s usb-charging and a tripod mount at the base.

The camera has an in-built flash that can be disabled, and a standard screw mount at the base so it can be used with a tripod.

Above: loading the film into the camera.

The camera supports Polaroid i-Type film, which is a new instant film that’s battery-free; and that also means the film is more affordable than its counterpart, the 600 film, which has a battery inside the film cartridge.

Above: The protective black film that rolls out with the photo.

Similar to the Polaroid Go, the pictures roll out with a protective black film that springs back into the camera when lifted.

Above: examples of photos taken.

The included lens caps result in pretty cool effects. The yellow filter, in particular, was unanimously favoured at a recent shoot I brought the Polaroid Now+ on (second picture from left).

Above: shooting with the polaroid now+.

Above: settings on the polaroid app.

The really fun part comes with the Polaroid mobile app, which is available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play. Once you connect the Now+, you can control it through manual settings for aperture, light painting, double exposure, remote trigger and even a “Portrait” mode. If you’re not familiar with the technical aspects of photography (in this case, exposure and aperture), I suggest you leave those settings on automatic or read up more on them before you take Polaroid pictures that don’t come out well (eg. over- or under-exposed).

Above: gorgeous silver frames.

A big selling point for me would be the different frames — including limited edition ones — available for the Polaroid system. Since the Now+ can use both i-Type and 600 film, there are many options to choose from and collect. I particularly love the silver and gold editions, and I’ve just ordered the super cool Duochrome film packs to play with.

Above: silver frame with me and the legendary dick lee. my lazy 5-year-old featured in the gold frame.

Above: the Polaroid Now+ with my leica M10-R.

The Polaroid Now+ has been joining me on my photoshoots and everyone loves it; nobody says no to a Polaroid photo of themselves to take home and keep. As you can see, I’ve created a specific spot in my camera case just for the Now+.

Above: my pelican camera case with a spot just for the polaroid now+.

This instant camera comes just in time for Christmas, because it makes a welcome gift for photographers and non-photographers alike. The recipient can unbox and use it on the spot! It’s easy to use for beginnings, and there are fun, creative options for more seasoned photographers.

Above: Polaroid Now+ box and color i-type film (black frame).


Polaroid Now+ I-Type Instant Camera is priced at $247 and available on Shopee. Polaroid i-type film is priced from $30 and available online at WWW.OSTSOME.COM.


Above: There was a star wars mandalorian film edition, but it’s now sold out. ☹️ It was a limited edition when Polaroid collaborated with star wars, and launched back in June 2020.