Dior Beauty’s New Look Collection Sees Elegant Houndstooth On Makeup & Fragrances

Dior Beauty stuns us every year with the release of their limited-edition Forever Couture Perfect Cushion — this year’s edition, though, truly knocks it out of the park, if we’re talking about a classic aesthetic that’s elegant and très chic. You’re looking at the New Look collection, of makeup and fragrances dressed in a houndstooth check pattern, a couture signature that’s emblematic of the house.

This black-and-white series also marks the first time a special print is seen across both the La Collection Privée Christian Dior fragrances, and Dior Makeup, helmed by Creative and Image Director Peter Philips.

Forever Couture Perfect Cushion New Look ($105). In 0N – 1N – 2N, either Luminous Matte or Skin Glow finish.
Rouge Dior New Look ($69) — in 6 shades. Available in 100 Nude Look , 720 Icône, 999 (velvet finish); 312 Incandescent (satin finish); 525 Chérie (metallic finish); 772 Classic (matte finish).

Interestingly enough, the use of the houndstooth design across Dior’s wardrobe pieces originated from Christian Dior’s “anglophile passion” and love for all things British, especially menswear pieces — the graphic checks soon found themselves on feminine silhouettes, as well as Cocotte and Calèche designs, and now reinterpreted in a beauty collection that captures the elegance of the print.

We’ll start with the makeup, where everything is kept chic and monochrome to match the understated design. The Rouge Dior is available in 6 shades, including the famed 999 and Nude Look in a velvet finish, in cases completely covered in houndstooth, accented with the ‘CD’ initials; inside, the lipstick bullet is subtly engraved with the houndstooth check as well.

Then, there’s a covetable Dior Forever Couture Perfect Cushion, now adorned with the Dior print, which then transforms it into a fashion accessory and worthy accompaniment to your Dior Book Tote.

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A trio of La Collection Privée fragrances also receive a similar couture treatment, starting with fragrance cases covered entirely with houndstooth-patterned toile, for a luxurious fabric touch you can feel when running your fingers over their exteriors.

As for the fragrances included in the New Look collection, these are the Gris Dior, Lucky and Jasmin des Anges, three of François Demachy’s leading fragrances, which also see houndstooth markings delicately etched onto the glass bottles. Even a refillable travel spray sports the graphic edge of the New Look codes, for a full collection that feels modern, timeless, and utterly collectible.


The limited edition New Look Makeup Collection will be available from 1 January 2022 at all Dior Beauty boutiques and counters.
Fragrances are exclusively available from 1 January 2022 at the La Collection Privée Christian Dior boutique in ION Orchard.
The New Look collection will be available at the Dior Beauty ONLINE BOUTIQUE on 3 January 2022.