Review: This Upgraded Soothing Scalp Repair Treatment Solves 6 Types Of Hair & Scalp Woes

If you’re starting to notice thinning hair, breakage, dandruff or the dreaded but common woe of hair loss, know that these issues may not necessarily be caused by ageing — that is, young people are just as susceptible to them too. Thankfully, we know at least one universal solution, and it has to do with maintaining a healthy scalp.

Though often neglected,  a healthy scalp often leads to healthy-looking tresses too, since it’s the place where our hair follicles lie; it’s essential that the follicles are kept clean and clear, unobstructed by dead skin or sebum, so that hair strands have room to grow and thrive. Scalp disorders such as dandruff, an itchy scalp, or a sensitive one may affect the way it absorbs nutrients, thereby affecting hair growth and health too.

At PHS HAIRSCIENCE, a team of bioscientists, trichologists, and dermatologists have developed just the treatment to treat common disorders such as dandruff, scalp oiliness or dryness and sensitivity. The H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment is a multi-step process that involves a professional scalp deep-cleanse, along with molecular hydrogen, super antioxidants, and a high concentration of botanical extracts, in order to boost cellular repair and restore scalp health, all possible in just 90 minutes.


There are six types of targeted treatments available, tailor-made to your scalp condition and concerns. They are for: Dandruff Clear, Dry Scalp, Sensitive Scalp, Oily & Acne Prone Scalp, Combination Scalp, and Anti-Ageing. Any one of the above helps calm and soothe the scalp, so you get immediate relief from inflammation and irritation, and further protects and restores the scalp to its optimal state.

What’s also new is that PHS HAIRSCIENCE have upgraded their treatments with a Hydrogen Care treatment. This upgrade, done via their specialised machine, lets Hydrogen penetrate deeply to purify follicle cells, while also ensuring that their proprietary haircare ampoule is brought directly into the scalp for even more effectiveness.

Ahead, we share more about our experience with the H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment:


The scalp treatment session starts off with a personal consultation with your therapist, where a professional provided a thorough examination of my current scalp condition. Verdict: it was not great. It’s obvious that I had long neglected my scalp health, which led to product build-up, dry flakes, and a lot of “cloudiness” where it was difficult to see my hair follicles.

It was also helpful to learn what a healthy scalp looks like — my therapist informed me that an ideal healthy scalp has about two to three strands of thick hair peeking out from each hair follicle. While my hair appeared healthy, in that they were still thick and plentiful, there were parts where the follicles had started to shrink, resulting in thinning hair strands; a potential problem down the line.

For my particular scalp condition though, I was recommended the Dandruff Clear targeted treatment, which deals with dandruff, dry scalp, as well as hair loss.


double cleanse

Every good treatment starts with a hair wash, and everyone can attest to how pampered you feel when receiving a salon-quality wash, relaxing head massage and all. For my scalp treatment, the shampoo used was targeted for my particular hair concern, and follows PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s recommended ADV Purify Daily Regime, for an effective double cleanse.

My hair was first washed with the ADV Nutrition Shampoo that deeply cleanses and hydrates, followed by the ADV Purify Shampoo that focused on removing dandruff flakes; both gave a nice, cooling effect.


The scalp treatment then went one step further with the hydro-cleansing step. Still at the hair wash basin, this was when my scalp was treated to a high-pressure water jet, that made sure any excess sebum or unwanted debris and impurities on the surface of the scalp were thoroughly washed off. It was painless, and honestly quite relaxing, though you can always the therapist to tailor the pressure according to your preference.

aqua peel

Our final cleansing step had me seated at the salon chair for an Aqua Peel, which further gets rid of dead skin cells that may still be stuck among my hair even after a thorough cleanse. It’s a step that’s impossible to do at home without the help of someone else — here, the therapist had to part sections of my hair in order to really zone in the dry flakes and dead skin, and used a vacuum-like machine to extract dirt and other impurities.


hair mask

With the most thorough cleanse my scalp can get, it’s ready to be nourished and revitalised. The next step of the treatment involved a hair mask that was spread onto the top of my head, gently massaged in, and then left in for about 15 minutes for my scalp to soak up its soothing benefits. This was combined with an M1 Infra Red machine, which uses infrared light to help the treatment penetrate deeper into the scalp.

new: Hydrogen Care treatment

This new step has been added to PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s already popular Advance Scalp Repair Treatment, since the experts found it a worthy extra step to include for its multitude of benefits.

Using a spray-like device on a specialised hydrogen care machine, it delivers hydrogen to the deep levels of scalp skin, which then allows for two major things to happen — first, the cells are purified which helps reduce oxidative damage and strengthen scalp immunity; secondly, it improves blood circulation that then helps deliver important nutrients to the hair bulb.

While all this may sound a little more complicated, what I felt while on the salon chair was simply a refreshing sensation, where it felt like cooling air was being jetted onto my head.

new: h2 cell repair Ampoule

Also part of the new and improved treatment, the H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment features this proprietary H2 Cell Repair Ampoule, meant to be used together with the hydrogen care machine. Much like a skincare ampoule contains a high concentration of active ingredients, this too is a potent blend for your hair, where hydrogen, antioxidants, plant stem cells, and botanical extracts speed up cell repair, all for the sake of healthy follicle cells.

During the treatment, the ampoule was loaded into another specialised spray-like tool for optimal delivery. The therapist sectioned my hair into different parts, in order to deliver the ampoule right into my scalp, and again, this was a relaxing airy sensation that didn’t at all feel stressful. A welcome botanical scent from the formula also wafted through the air, creating quite a pleasant experience.


This certainly was a first — once everything was done, I received a complimentary blow-dry where my therapist styled and curled my hair so it looked even more perfect when I stepped out of the salon!


Perhaps the best way to determine how effective the scalp treatment was, would be to compare the before and after results, and as you can see, it made a whole lot of difference to the condition of my scalp. Where at first my scalp was dry and flaky, post-treatment, it looked a lot clearer and cleaner after, with less congested hair follicles.

I also felt that it was way more refreshed and less irritated, which are results that I would never be able to recreate at home even with my own hair scrubs and exfoliators, not without the professional, targeted treatments that the PHS HAIRSCIENCE therapists provided.

With such instant soothing and cleansing benefits, as well as knowing how nourished my scalp probably is right now given the multi-step process it was put through, this is a treatment I’d highly recommend if you’re looking for an effective solution to scalp issues, and a head of healthy, shiny, and voluminous hair.


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