The Kiehl’s x BT21 Collection Of Ultra Facial Creams Will Soon Be Arriving In Singapore

The popular Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream is such a cult-favourite skincare product, it hardly needs an introduction. So what happens when it’s now paired with the cute BT21 characters from LINE FRIENDS? Let’s just say we don’t need permission to do a happy dance.

Whether you’re a BTS fan out to collect everything that’s stamped with their collaborative characters, or a casual buyer of all things cute, the ‘BT21 Meets Kiehl’s in New York City’ is an exclusive series you won’t want to miss out on. It arrives in Singapore on 3 February 2022, across Kiehl’s best-selling Ultra Facial Creams.

Apart from the special edition bottles, we can also get matching keychains, and even a collector’s edition set, featuring illustrated BT21 designs that are very much in line with the beauty brand’s NYC vibes.

BT21 characters KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, TATA, COOKY and VAN are seen riding on iconic yellow taxi cabs or posing beside the Statue of Liberty, in colourful scenes that show off the adorable characters.

You may choose from 7 variants of 50ml bottles, one for each BT21 character, each featuring its own bottle lid sticker that depicts them in various poses alongside icons of New York City, the birthplace of Kiehl’s.

KOOKY, ever the romantic, is waiting by a street sign with a bouquet of flowers, for instance; KOYA is chilling atop a yellow taxi cab; while CHIMMY looks like he can’t wait to dig into his street-cart hotdog.

A jumbo-sized 125ml bottle is available as well, in a design that captures all 7 characters sitting on a bench with the NYC skyline behind them. This illustration also sports a depiction of the Kiehl’s New York Flagship store, located at the corner of 13th Street and 3rd Avenue.

What’s even better are matching keychains and exclusive merch available as part of the collection. These can be redeemed with every purchase of the BT21 MEETS KIEHL’S Ultra Facial Cream Special Edition, or if you spend a certain amount in store, while stocks last of course.

Here’s how you can get your hands on them:

Kiehl’s BT21 Blind Keychain

Redeem a Kiehl’s BT21 Blind Keychain with every purchase of either the Kiehl’s BT21 Ultra Facial Cream 50ml ($54) or 125ml ($101). You’ll receive a themed blind bag that contains a random keychain featuring a BT21 character.

Kiehl’s BT21 Totebag

Redeem a reusable Kiehl’s BT21 Totebag with $150 nett spend — your cart must include at least 1 Kiehl’s BT21 Ultra Facial Cream (50ml or 125ml).

Exclusive BT21 Collector’s Set

And finally, this one’s so exclusive that we only just saw it at the media preview today. You’re looking at the BT21 Collector’s Set, featuring all 7 Ultra Facial Creams (50ml), all 7 Kiehl’s BT21 keychains, and a Kiehl’s BT21 Totebag, in a specially-designed box for true collectors. Priced at $378, it’s available only at the Kiehl’s ION Orchard, Plaza Singapura, and Waterway Point stores.

at the store — A closer look at the collector’s set, and the blind bags for the Kiehl’s Bt21 keychain.

at the store — all 7 of the kiehl’s ultra facial creams, featuring the bt21 characters.


Here’s a close-up of each of the special edition Ultra Facial Creams in the collection as well —

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‘BT21 Meets Kiehl’s In New York City’ Collection, available from 3 February 2022 at all KIEHL’S stores and ONLINE.
the Kiehl’s BT21 Ultra Facial Cream is priced at $54 (50ml) and $101 (125ml).