The Cult Dior Forever Liquid Foundation reinvented with new patented formulas

Since I first tried Dior’s liquid foundation — Dior Forever — a bottle of it has always been in my makeup box. It crossed our editorial desks back in 2019, and instantly made my Editor’s Picks for the start of that year, and again came out tops in our review of liquid foundations that same year. I called it, “the immediate gold standard of liquid foundations”. This month, a reformulated version launches in two new patented formulas and finishes, and impossibly, it feels even better than the original that I already love so much.

The new campaign for the product features Cara Delevingne and Jisoo, and the images are stunning. Check them out:

Above: Cara Delevingne with Dior forever skin glow, image courtesy Dior Beauty.

Above: Jisoo with Dior Forever, image courtesy Dior Beauty.

This new formula is 15 years in the making, and is now reinvented and perfected, improving on the previous already award-winning version. At the heart of these new products is the fusion of skincare and florality — floral active ingredients that result in beautiful, well-hydrated and healthy skin. The iris flower, in particular, stands out and leads the improvements in this foundation; Iris Extract reduces inflammation and protects the skin against UV damage, Pansy Extract improves hydration, while Nasturtium Extract gives a natural radiant glow by stimulating the formation of a protein in skin that transports oxygen.

Above: Dior Forever skin glow.

Even within both formulas (Skin Glow and Matte), there are specific florals to benefit the skin: Dior Forever Skin Glow includes Hibiscus Acid Extract, a fruit acid known to stimulate cellular renewal, so skin is brighter and less dull; the matte formula, on the other hand, is enriched with Rose Hip Extract that tightens pores so they appear smaller and so skin looks smoother.

Above: Dior Forever skin glow and Dior forever.

The product comes out as a lightweight cream that is smooth and fluid. It feels extremely soft on the skin, and disappears without a trace once swiped across and blended in. For both formulas, skin tone is nicely evened out, with light pigmentation and under-eye rings becoming less obvious.

Above: Swatches for Dior Forever skin glow (top) and dior forever (bottom).

The Skin Glow variant has a finish that makes the skin look radiant and healthy; it looks very natural like your own skin but better. For the Matte version, the formula manages to remove shine, while still keeping a natural underlying glow; but it’s clearly less glowy than Dior Forever Skin Glow, and would work better for days spent out in our humid weather. Perhaps best of all, both formulas are said to last for 24 hours. I’ve not tried a full day with it on, but it did hold up well for me for a 13-hour work day that consisted of a photoshoot on location.

Compared to the previous Dior Forever that I’ve been using since 2019, this 2022 version feels lighter, and most notably, softer. It’s the softest liquid foundation I’ve ever tried, and it’s evident once the product sinks into skin and disappears. In its wake, it leaves behind a complexion that looks and feels smoother and is definitely more even. Needless to say, I love it.

Above: Jisoo with Dior Forever Skin glow, image courtesy Dior Beauty.

I got NYLON’s Deputy Editor, Amelia to try these new foundations as well, and this is what she has to say:

“Three years since we last reviewed it, the Dior Forever foundation is still one to beat — even more so with its upgraded formula. My favourite part has been, and even now, still is, the way it applies; the liquid foundation glides on soft and totally disappears into my skin with minimal effort, helping to achieve a very natural effect while also blurring out imperfections. After trying both the Matte and Skin Glow versions, I must say that I’m more inclined towards the latter. My skin’s more on the dry side, so the luminous finish of the Skin Glow is perfect for the look of glowing skin that captures the light in the most flattering manner.

Both formulas are made to be even more long-lasting and transfer-proof as well, which has never been a major problem until, well, face masks. Thankfully, the Forever foundations have been put through thorough testing — under hot conditions of up to 33°C, for instance — to ensure its staying power. My real-life test involved intense walking while hauling a heavy tote bag, coupled with Singapore’s typical humidity. The honest result? Some transfer onto my mask, but more minimal compared to other bases I’ve tried, and a still-flawless complexion once the mask was removed. On hindsight, a bit of setting powder might have made it completely transfer-proof. I also found that my skin didn’t feel as tight after, despite the long hours of wear, thanks to the boosted skincare ingredients in their formulas.”

Above: Dior Forever Skin Glow and Dior Forever bottles.

In Singapore, there will be 15 (out of 43) shades available for each finish, and the mineral pigments in a plant-based coating are tailored to disperse better, so they fuse evenly with the skin, and stay true to its original colour the entire day.

As for the packaging, it has also been reinvented to be more eco-conscious. The glass bottle now contains up to 40% recycled glass, while the cap is produced entirely from recycled plastic. The packaging also does away with any plastic elements so it’s easier to recycle.

Dior Forever and Dior Forever Skin Glow, priced at $94 (30ml), with 15 shades for each finish available in Singapore. Available at all dior beauty boutiques and counters, and online at SHOP.DIOR.COM.SG from 15 february 2022.