Dyson is launching Air-Purifying Headphones called: The Dyson Zone

Dyson just announced that they are going to launch air-purifying headphones. It’s called, the Dyson Zone, and is the brand’s first foray into the audio market, but still tapping on their know-how in air-purification technology. Just looking at the device, I know it’s going to be polarising. Wearable face masks are still trying to take off (like the ones from LG and Philips), and here we have Dyson proposing one attached to over-ear headphones. It’s clunky, and will be turning heads wherever you go; but then, it’s from Dyson — and Dyson has proven that they can shake up an entire industry and change the way we think when it comes to traditional gadgets (see what they did with their blade-less fans and best-selling Supersonic hairdryer).

Above: The dyson zone, wearable air-purifying headphones.

This is also Dyson’s first step into wearable technology, so we can definitely expect improved versions in years to come. As headphones, Dyson says that these are noise-cancelling and deliver immersive sound. As an air purifier, the mask sits away from the face without contact with the mouth so the wearer can breathe and talk comfortably. The mask filters ultrafine particles such as allergens, and particles from brake dust, combustion and construction. It also captures city gas pollutants like NO2 and SO2. The built-in compressor then channels purified air to the nose and mouth. It sounds good, but is it comfortable?

Above: Dyson testing with a mannequin fitted with medical-grade mechanical lungs and sensing equipment.

Dyson claims that the entire device is engineered for comfort. They’ve taken inspiration from the shape and design of a horse’s saddle, and engineered the headphones to distribute weight over the sides of the head, rather than on the top. The ear cushions also wrap around the ear for better sealing, and are angled for the best and most comfortable fit.

Above: the dyson zone is a non-contact solution to avoid discomfort and irritation.

Above: it took 6 years and 500 prototypes to create the dyson zone.

It’s anyone’s guess whether this device will be a hit, but it’ll undoubtedly cost a pretty penny. It’s certainly one for the early adopters and those with deep pockets.

The Dyson Zone™ air-purifying headphones will be available globally from Autumn 2022. Timings will vary by geography. Full product specification and further details on availability will be announced in the coming months.