Review: For new parents, should you buy the new Bugaboo Fox 3?

For new parents, I can imagine choosing a stroller can be daunting. When my first kid was born, I had a cheap three-wheeler that I regretted the minute my daughter was big enough to transition from the bassinet to the seat; the chair was extremely low to the ground and simple functions like flipping the seat around to face me wasn’t an option. The last straw was when a wheel broke (within the year!) and the pram couldn’t collapse and close properly. I couldn’t even sell it and had to throw the entire thing away. Which brings me to advise other parents to put in a bit of effort and do a bit research on strollers, in order to find one that will make your investment worth it over the early years of your child’s life.

Bugaboo recently launched the Fox 3; it’s marketed as an all-purpose, everything, go-anywhere stroller that is of exceptional quality. But it’s also very expensive. At $1,999, this makes it the priciest stroller on Motherswork. The question is, if you can afford it, is it worth the price?

You can purchase the stroller online at the Motherswork website, or get it in one of their stores. Either way, their service staff can assemble the stroller for you. But if you enjoy building it yourself, the included instructions are not complicated, and you can even follow it step-by-step from the brand’s YouTube video:


When I first laid eyes on the Bugaboo Fox 3, my first impression of it was that it had the classic styling of the brand’s Cameleon stroller — Bugaboo’s original “comfort” pushchair that was popular with celebrities. The signature “Bugaboo look” is unmistakable from the frame design and accompanying hardware. No doubt you’ll be proudly pushing this stroller around and turning heads wherever you go.

Good looks aside, what you’re really paying for is the remarkable “fingertip-light” push that is akin to power steering in a pram; little effort is needed to wheel this pushchair around, even when your baby becomes a child of 22kg (that’s the maximum weight it can hold). It’s also effortless to manoeuvre the pram around. It can turn tight corners in one swoop, with the wheels being extremely responsive. It’s truly enjoyable pushing this stroller around.

The wheels — at 12″ for the rear wheels and 8.5″ for the front wheels, are considerably large for a stroller, which makes them suited for rolling over rougher terrains like gravel and grass. Even mounting curbs are a cinch.

For the child, the seat feels padded and cushy, and it has what the brand calls a smart ergonomic design and an aerated mattress. I really like that the fabric feels soft and smooth to the touch, and is water repellent as well. The harness is spongey too, and strapping the child in is just a matter of clicking in the straps. Releasing it is even easier with a click of the centre button; but it takes some pressure so it’s not easy enough for a child to remove the harness themselves.

The entire seat doesn’t just feel comfortable on its own, it’s made even more so with good suspension that will keep any sleeping kid unaware of bumps and humps along the journey.

I like that the seat’s height is perfect for joining a dining table, and folding the stroller into a single standing piece is fairly easy and a very useful feature to have. It can also be easily separated into two pieces so it’s easier to pile into the boot of a car or taxi when needed.

The colours of the base frame and sun canopy are customisable; the base is available in four colour combinations, while the canopy has a range of classic colours and fabrics, plus limited edition ones, which will launch from time to time, so you can easily refresh the look of the stroller.


It makes sense to get this stroller from your child’s birth, as it comes with both bassinet and seat; so if you’re expecting a baby and looking for a stroller, the Fox 3 is an amazing choice.


Your biggest deterrent would be its price; but think of a good stroller as an investment; choose one that will last at least the first four years, and then after that, you can sell it on the second-hand market when you don’t need it anymore. And Bugaboos have excellent resale value — it’s a branded stroller and Singaporeans love branded things at a lower price. As for dealing with the initial investment, Motherswork has the option of splitting it over four monthly payments (interest-free) with PayLater by Grab. This works out to be $499.75 over four months, which sounds less intimidating that an initial outlay of close to $2,000.

Also, the price of the Fox 3 is going to increase to $2,159 from April 3rd, 2022, so if you’re going to buy this stroller, get it now.


The Bugaboo Fox 3 is a premium stroller and it’s a joy to use for both parent and child. It looks good, and will be the first and last stroller you’ll need for your kid’s first few growing years. It’s not for the budget-conscious, but for those willing to pay for high quality and ultimate comfort.

The Bugaboo Fox 3 is priced at $1,999 for the complete set (base + canopy), and available at First Few Years, Mothercare, MOTHERSWORK, and is also available for purchase online at the Bugaboo Official Stores on Lazada and SHOPEE. From April 3rd, the price will increase to $2,159.
For more information, visit BUGABOO.COM.
all photos courtesy bugaboo.