The Colgate Optic White® O2 Whitening Toothpaste Is A Worthy Addition To Your Daily Beauty Routine

Hair toss, check your nails; and a glimpse of your makeup as you’re headed out of the house too. The only thing that’s left? A set of pearly whites to accompany your smile. Now, we know that one’s oral health, like exercise and skincare, is all about daily maintenance — no shortcuts to a bright smile and clean, white teeth here — though there are some products that are more hardworking than others.

Colgate’s latest Optic White® O2 whitening toothpaste is a fine example. It contains all the necessary ingredients you’ll need in a whitening toothpaste, sure, but what gives it an extra edge is its Active Oxygen Bubble Technology, which promises to whiten teeth in just three days*.

Typically, whitening toothpastes contain active ingredients such as mild abrasives (hydrated silica, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate or aluminium oxides), or bleaching agents (safe doses of hydrogen peroxide). These work together to both remove surface stains that result in yellowing, and produce a whitening effect to teeth.

So what makes the Optic White® O2 whitening toothpaste different? It has something new — the toothpaste releases millions of ultra-fine Active Oxygen bubbles as you brush your teeth. This active ingredient is highly effective on the surface of your teeth, and also gets absorbed into the enamel, gently whitening micro stains both on the inside and out.

Some other things  you’ll need to know is that it also contains fluoride, an essential ingredient that keeps cavities at bay, while the vegan formula is safe to use daily. An Aromatic Menthol flavour also gives you that fresh, minty feeling we’ve come to love, especially great after our morning brush. Radiant smile? We’re coming for you.


“I was definitely intrigued about how the Active Oxygen Technology would feel and work on my teeth. Activated charcoal I’ve heard of, yes, but it was the first time I’ve heard of using oxygen, which reminded me of certain facial treatments I’ve tried. On to the toothpaste though — the first difference I noticed was a mild warm sensation and a foamy sensation due to the active oxygen bubbles being slowly released. And that’s pretty much all you need to get used to!

I also have sensitive teeth and gums (usually on the lowest mode when it comes to electric toothbrushes), and am happy to report that both the formula and technology didn’t feel stinging at all. The formula’s made to be gentle on tooth enamel, which was reassuring as well.

My teeth also felt cleaner after brushing, and I was left with a refreshing and pleasant herby-minty feel on my breath after, especially great in the mornings. For its whitening effect, I did notice brighter and more radiant teeth after days of continued usage, and am excited to continue with it for the weeks ahead to see even more of a difference.”

— Amelia Tan, Deputy Editor

“On first contact with the teeth and gums, this toothpaste gives a warm feeling, and then I start to feel the bubbles… it’s subtle but it’s there. It’s like tiny air bubbles sizzling on my teeth as I brush, which is quite a fun feeling. It also makes me imagine that something is going on and it’s actually working to clean and whiten my teeth. The toothpaste’s flavour is called “Aromatic Menthol”, and it tastes extremely fresh and minty — as all toothpastes should be; plus I like that it isn’t “sweet” or overly flavoured like how many mint toothpaste flavours can get.

The toothpaste claims that it can whiten teeth in just 3 days (results may vary, of course), so I used it morning and night for 3 days together with Colgate’s Electric Toothbrush and it was amazing. My teeth actually do look brighter and they felt much cleaner. I can imagine that with constant use over time, my teeth will get whiter and I’m already looking forward to a brighter smile. I never thought I could “love” a toothpaste, but I love this one.

Who’s it for? I think it’s ideal for coffee and wine drinkers who need to scrub off stains daily. Or for those who have gone to the dental clinic to get their teeth professionally whitened — this toothpaste will maintain that whiteness for you.”

— Adele Chan, Editor-in-Chief


colgate optic white® 02 toothpaste, $11.95. Available at Shopee, Lazada, Watsons and Guardian.


*When used as directed, one shade whiter in three days. Results may vary.