The Gucci Pet Collection Presents The Most Luxurious Pet Accessories For Cats And Dogs

Dare we say it? Cruella de Vil got it right when she envisioned pets — dalmatians, in particular — being the super fashionable creatures they are. Except, it’s what we put on them that’s far more exciting. Case in point: Gucci.

Calling all fur parents, Gucci has expanded their lifestyle series to launch their first dedicated line for pets, called the Gucci Pet collection, which sees many of the fashion house’s signature motifs on collars, clothes, feeding bowls, and other accessories.

The GG Canvas and iconic Web Stripe, for instance, feature on collars and harnesses in plain leather, as does the more floral Herbarium print. Both come embellished with details that include the Interlocking G logo or studs. To accompany these, there are also matching leashes of various lengths, chic Air Tag holders, and just about the most luxurious little waste bag holders, complete with Gucci hardware.

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Many of these fashionable pieces are made with Demetra, a fabric innovation unveiled in June 2021, created from “animal-free raw materials that are primarily from renewable and bio-based sources”. The brand’s craftsmanship is still retained though, since the material is manufactured entirely in a Gucci factory in Italy, using the same expertise and processes for tanning so we can admire its supple finish.

Elsewhere, there are also clothes for your dogs and cats, including polos, t-shirts, knitwear and coats, in case you feel like heading to the park in matchy-matchy Gucci. Other homeware accessories such as cloches and ceramic bowls give off a refined feel, and double up as design pieces for the home — and yes, this includes made-to-order pieces such as a miniature couch. If you’ve always wanted to splurge on your beloved baby, as if you haven’t already started, this series is a good place to pick up where you left off.

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Gucci Pet Collection, from $260, available at Gucci stores and online.