These MUJI Essentials Give Us More Reason To Enjoy The Great Outdoors

It’s time to touch some grass, according to MUJI — and we mean it only in the best way possible. Getting in touch with nature and the great outdoors can be such a refreshing experience after years of social distancing, or even the breakneck pace of urban living. As the Koreans like to say, nature can often feel “healing”, and we appreciate its slow calmness, peace, and abundance of fresh air.

It’s great to know, then, that lifestyle brand MUJI has curated a series of outdoor essentials for these precious moments, whether it’s a sturdy storage unit that doubles up as a picnic table, or minimalist mugs and tumblers for a day out by the beach with your loved ones.

And while each of the lifestyle goods are all solid choices, our favourite item has to be the unassumingly-named ‘Strong Polypropylene Storage Box’.

This one does it all, and is both #aestheticgoals while low-key boasting functional, organisational prowess that Marie Kondo would be impressed by. Great for both indoor and outdoor settings, the lightweight but sturdy box is able to store all your on-the-go items, while also doubling up as a chair or table.

Its newly-improved design is simple, though with much thought behind every choice, the way great design should be intuitive. Now available in 4 sizes, the boxes are made of a durable polypropylene material that’s long-lasting and water-resistant, while also being easy to clean; they can hold up to 100kg of weight as well, for use as a chair for instance, and feature flat tops that serve that purpose quite well.

Beyond that, the design also factors in large handles for easy movement, and a raised edge by the lid, which allows stacking of the boxes as it prevents the box from shifting out of place.

To inspire us to live our best lives, MUJI imagines three outdoor experiences where you’ll find the storage boxes particularly useful — picnic and camping with friends, on a fishing expedition, or by the beach with the family, kids in tow. You’ll see the boxes used in multiple ways, as a bench, table, toy box, or a a fast-and-simple tray to keep food off the ground.


For a picnic or camping trip, use the Storage Box for all your clothes, cushions, mats, and other miscellaneous camping items. During meals, it can then function as a makeshift table or chair, while the lid can be used like a tray to keep food off the ground.


Fishing is supposed to be a relaxing activity, so you’d want you planning to be as stress-free as possible. The storage boxes are big enough to store all you need, and are the perfect side tables alongside your portable chairs.


During a day out with junior, you can do away with the many separate bags, and place them all in one easy-to-carry box. The height of the box is ideal for toddlers to reach in for their toys too, while the material is easy to wipe clean. Pro tip: use soft polyethylene cases to further organise within.


Along with the Storage Boxes, MUJI’s range of items also include more organisational tools — the Soft Polyethylene Case, for instance — outdoor essentials like matching lunch boxes, mugs and stainless steel tumblers, as well as snacks, and organic teas and drip coffees for some necessary refuel. Here’s a look at all of them:

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MUJI outdoor essentials, including the Strong Polypropylene Storage Box. Available at MUJI stores and online at their Official Stores on Shopee and Lazada.