Air New Zealand’s New Cabins Will Give You Good Sleep While Up In The Air — Even In Economy Class

We all know the woes of trying to stay comfortable on a flight. Keyword: trying. Not everyone’s blessed with the ability to sleep on command, no matter how much we need the sleep to adjust to new timezones, which is why Air New Zealand‘s upcoming Dreamliners aim to provide the best sleep in the sky — even for Economy travellers.

The airline will be introducing a new Business Premier Luxe seat, meant for frequent flyers looking for the ultimate space and privacy, as well as Skynest, the world’s first airplane sleep pods, available to Economy passengers. You’ll now be able to enjoy the experience of sleeping on board, in order to wake up fresh at your destination, and ready to start on your holiday (or, you know, a day of business meetings). These will be rolled out across eight of the airlines’ Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, arriving from 2024.

Economy Skynest.

Five years in the making, these new initiatives were implemented as Air New Zealand recognises their unique position in ultra-longhaul flights, and after customer research that highlighted the need for good sleep onboard planes.

The Skynest concept was, in fact, first announced in 2020, and offers “Economy customers a lie-flat option” — definitely a rarity for those who often fly coach, which is most of us anyway. Gone are the days of fighting for legroom or a contorting your body to effectively stretch your limbs.

Economy Skynest.
Business Premier Luxe.

To further the sleeping experience, Air New Zealand also provides meditative onscreen content to help us unwind, along with a Sky Pantry for Premium Economy and Economy cabins, to offer passengers a chance to stretch their legs and grab a bite or drink while at it.

You may find the new services on board eight Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, arriving from 2024, and retrofitted planes from their current 787-9 fleet. These will feature either eight or four Business Premier Luxe seats, 42 or 22 Business Premier, 52 or 33 Premium Economy, 125 or 213 Economy seats, and specifically on the ultra-longhaul aircraft, six Skynest sleep pods.


Here are the types of cabins available to Air New Zealand passengers:


  • Business Premier Luxe — promising “the best sleep in the sky”, the new luxurious offering is for customers looking for the ultimate space and privacy; comes with a fully closing door and a dining space for two.

  • Business Premier — a comfortable and private nest for good sleep; the middle row also opens up to share your space if you’re travelling with company.

  • Premium Economy — a step-up from the Economy class, this new seat offers more privacy and protected space.

  • Economy Skynest — a haven for Economy passengers, these sleep pods allow passengers to stretch out in one of six pods for part of their journey, for some much-needed rest.

  • Economy Skycouch — you can sit, spread out, or lie down for a nap; those traveling with young children can opt to share their seats for a more comfortable journey.

  • Economy Stretch — for those who want to rest and stretch their legs further than the regular Economy seat.

  • Economy seat — for Economy passengers; an enhanced seat does offer more storage, comfort and space and a 50% bigger screen too.


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