The Most Highly-Rated Skin Tints And Tinted Moisturisers For Natural Skin-Like Skin

If we’re talking about the famous “clean girl” aesthetic, eternally chic but especially so on our social media feeds these days, then it’s not just your lips that have to be better — it’s your skin too. Not without a little help though.

“My skin but better” is the goal here, and we’re letting our base makeup do the talking. Instead of piling on, or worse, slathering on, a whole chunk of foundation though, picking up a skin tint or tinted moisturiser is the way to go to achieve that subtle, natural look.


These tinted formulas effortlessly grace the skin with their lightweight textures, and yet, seem to magically do the work of blurring pores and evening out skin tones without covering up one’s naturally beautiful skin, freckles and all. Your natural skin’s enhanced just enough that there’s still a radiant sheen. It’s all about that dewy texture and light, fresh-faced coverage here.

Most of the good ones are also infused with skincare actives and UV protection, which care for the skin while having the added benefit of having makeup last longer, since skin is well-hydrated underneath. Some of our favourites include Fenty Beauty’s Eaze Drop and Pixi’s H20 Tint for their sheer and natural finish, while you’ll find a list of our top recommendations below.


Just a couple of tips before you embark on your hunt for the perfect tint. These are medium coverage at best — and as they should be — so if you’re looking for a more flawless look, try topping up with concealer on spots you want to hide.

Many of the tinted products are also water-based formulas in order to deliver on that lightweight textures we love; so just a note if you’re going in with an oil-based primer and finding them piling. You don’t really have to though, since they’re made to be as unfussy as possible. To use, simply blend out with your fingers or use a brush on bare skin, right after your sunscreen step.

Lastly, embrace your skin, even if there might be freckles, pigmentation or blemishes; these skin tints are here to enhance, not cover up!

Here are some beloved formulas you can try:

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  • Rationale #3 The Tinted Serum SPF50+, $189.
  • CHANEL Water-Fresh Complexion Touch, USD65. LES BEIGES WATER-FRESH TINT, $106.
  • Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint, $49.
  • Rare Beauty Positive Light Tinted Moisturizer, $48.
  • Pixi H2O Skintint, $39.
  • Shiseido Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Tint, $65.