RIMOWA Introduces A New Daniel Arsham Suitcase — The Eroded Turntable in Pilot Case

The RIMOWA Pilot Case, designed by the German luxury luggage brand, was originally meant for airline staff, where its compact silhouette meant that the suitcase would fit in neatly behind pilot’s seats. It also opens up from the top, for ease of access while up in the air.

What’s more unexpected though, is how the grooved aluminium case gained a cult following among musicians and DJs in the 90s, who used it to transport records and equipment — a fact that contemporary artist Daniel Arsham was inspired by in his latest collaboration with RIMOWA.

The Eroded Turntable in Pilot Case, launching on 7 October 2022, is the second collaboration between RIMOWA and the American artist, since the last time they put forth an “eroded suitcase”. This time, we see a sculptural turntable housed within a reissue of RIMOWA’s beloved Pilot Case, in silver and black.

As a nod to Arsham’s Future Relics series, of fossilised everyday objects found by people from a future dystopia, the pieces are imagined to be discoveries uncovered from an archaeological site, which explains the rugged nature of the hand-cast turntable, made from plaster and crushed glass.

This sculpture is then nestled within the limited edition RIMOWA Pilot Case, cushioned in a removable protection foam, where the suitcase itself features vintage-style logos stamped across its sleek metallic surface. These recall the stickers typically used by travellers to identify their luggage, and see an exclusive shade of Arsham Green Pantone that adds to the sense that we’re discovering a relic of the past.

“RIMOWA and I share an interest in process, in an object’s evolution over time,” said Arsham. “A suitcase is covered by stickers or blemishes; a sculpture erodes and crystallises. We also both share a commitment to honing one’s craft, as well as archiving.”

Still, this is a modern wheeled suitcase, so we do get the benefits of RIMOWA’s cutting-edge technologies, from their lauded Multiwheel System to a telescopic handle. As added bonuses, each special edition item arrives with an accompanying leather luggage tag, in the same Arsham green, and a pair of art handling gloves to complete that unboxing ritual.

To get a sense of how exclusive this launch is going to be, only 1,000 models will be available worldwide. 500 models in Silver will be  available to customers and fans in Europe, North America, and South America, while another 500 models in Black will be sold exclusively in Asia. Each special edition case also comes with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity card.


The RIMOWA x Daniel Arsham Eroded Turntable in Pilot Case in Silver will be launching 7 October 2022, available at arshameditions.shop and in RIMOWA stores across Europe, North America, and South America and online at RIMOWA.com.

The RIMOWA x Daniel Arsham Eroded Turntable in Pilot Case in Black ($5,720) will be sold on the Archive Editions WeChat MiniProgram (Archive Editions) and in RIMOWA stores across Asia, including at Mandarin Gallery in Singapore.