Have A Look At LOEWE’s Balloon-Inspired Accessories — Including Those Balloon Heels And Inflated Cateye Sunglasses

If you’re all about understated luxury, then the LOEWE Balloon bag should be on your radar; its classic bucket shape is beautifully-constructed to show off the Spanish house’s expertise in leatherwork, and we see why it fits into everyone’s wardrobe. It’s that versatile and timeless, even traditional — which is exactly what we’re not getting from Jonathan Anderson’s Fall/Winter 2022 series.

The Creative Director imbues whimsy, even chaos, into an unexpected collection that celebrates balloons as one of its key elements. This time, we’re talking about the inflated helium-filled ones universally-loved by all kids, translated into ready-to-wear apparel and accessories that take on their rounded form and lustrous shine.

This is what we’re talking about. The inspiration is both literal and imaginative, with standard items such as sandals and pumps given an almost surreal vibe, thanks to 3D balloon-like forms, made of resin, wrapped around a shoe strap, or constructed into a heel.

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Other conversation-starter pieces include jewellery, balloon print wear, and a round Balloon Pouch in classic calfskin, which can be worn like a necklace or casually strapped around one’s wrist.

Then, there are particularly juicy-looking sunglasses in similarly fun colours, where the classic cateye structure is blown out of proportion, while still being a play on the plastic / acetate eyewear trend as well. Either way, the key here is to have fun, and perhaps be less serious, when it comes to dressing up and expressing yourself — definitely a LOEWE vibe we’re pumped about.

Balloon pouch in classic calfskin — Yellow, Red, Pink.
Inflated cateye sunglasses in acetate ; Balloon sandal in lambskin ; Balloon pump in calfskin.


LOEWE Fall/Winter 2022 collection and balloon-inspired accessories, now available at LOEWE stores.