The Great Bay Fiesta Returns to Bayfront with Live Circus Acts, Carnival Fun, Snow Activities, and Singapore’s First-Ever Tesla Electric Light Show

It is never too early to start planning your calendar for December, even if you may not be heading out of the country to celebrate the year-end festivities. In true holiday tradition, this year marks the return of The Great Bay Fiesta at the Bayfront Event Space. After a three-year hiatus, the festival will be held in conjunction with the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2023.

Organised by The Show Master (an Uncle Ringo company) and presented by, The Great Bay Fiesta will run from 1 December 2022 to 1 January 2023 at the 20,000 sqm Bayfront Event Space, with a line-up of activities that will be clustered into four main event segments. These are: The Great Cirque de Cascades, The Great World Carnival, The Great Food Fiesta and Ice Magic: The Great Fantasy on Ice.


If you miss Cirque de Soleil, this might tide you over until they make a return. Presented by international circus act Gandey’s Circus, Around The World in 80 Minutes invites you to step inside the Big Top for a breathtaking journey filled with thrills, laughter, and excitement.

The 80-minute show will feature nine specially curated acts which include never-before-seen stunts and performances such as the crossbow slingers Duo Adrenaline who will fire a crossbow with deadly precision at each others’ heads; the gravity-defying Panther Troupe who will perform nail-biting aerial stunts; and the Perez Motorbiker Troupe who will perform a high-wire act without safety nets or safety lunges.

Date: Select days from 3 Dec 2022 to 1 Jan 2023
Time: 2pm, 4.30pm, 7pm and 10pm
Admission Fee: From $72 

Tickets for The Great Cirques des Cascades can be purchased HERE.


Make unforgettable memories as you relish the nostalgia of The Great World Carnival by Uncle Ringo with mega-sized plushies to win at carnival games and classic rides that include the Ringo Slide, Big Carousel, Pirate Ship, Bumper Car, and Water Boat. 

Besides the typical offerings of a carnival, an experiential inflatable playland will also be added to the list featuring designs from one of OpenSea’s renowned NFT projects, Prime Ape Planet.


No trip to a carnival is complete without the food! Get ready to find a selection of specialty fare from both local and international brands at The Great Food Fiesta such as local yakiniku connoisseurs Grill by Cut, Magnum, Ben & Jerry’s, and over 10 brands specially flown in from Thailand to serve up Thai grilled meats, seafood, and desserts which include the TikTok famous Indy Pancake Cartoon.

The award-winning My NoNNa’s, a social enterprise with a mission to provide meaningful employment for differently-abled persons and the elderly, will also be available to serve you a mix of international dishes such as Beef Curry, Black Pepper Chicken with Blue Pea Rice, Mac & Cheese and Beef Bolognese.

Date: 1 Dec 2022 to 1 Jan 2023
Time: 4pm to 10.30pm (Mon to Fri), 1pm to 10.30pm (Sat, Sun, 25 Dec and 1 Jan), 1pm to 2am (24 and 31 Dec)
Admission Fee: From $10 

Tickets for The Great World Carnival by Uncle Ringo and The Great Food Fiesta can be purchased HERE.


Take a temporary break from the heat at Ice Magic: The Great Fantasy on Ice, the biggest pop-up winter-themed attraction to ever set foot here. The 2,400 sqm winter playground will be divided into two sections, Snow and Ice, where you’ll get to experience a variety of fun, snowy activities.

In the Snow section, you’ll get to try your hand at building a snowman, making snow angels, bouncing off ‘snow clouds’, and experiencing daily snowfalls of fresh snow that is made using the same snow-making machines that were used in the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022. This area will also house a 70m snow slope which is set to be the longest and tallest snow slope ever constructed in Singapore.

Running parallel to the Snow section, the Ice section will feature never-before-seen attractions such as Ice Bowling and the classic Winter Olympic sport, Ice Curling, as well as a 260 sqm ice cycling rink where you can ride on single or tandem bikes with a friend, and a 4.5m high figure-8 Ice Slide that is constructed purely out of ice and complemented with intricate ice sculptures crafted by master ice sculptors from Harbin, China.

A variety of ice-cold beers and bespoke ice-themed cocktails will also be available at the Ice Bar when you need to take a break.

Date: 1 Dec 2022 to 1 Jan 2023
Time: 10am to 2pm, 3pm to 7pm, 7pm to 10pm
Admission Fee: From $25

Tickets for Ice Magic: The Great Fantasy on Ice can be purchased HERE.


Expect an entertaining spectacle at Singapore’s first-ever Tesla Electric Light Show which will feature all of Tesla’s cars in a daily jazzy light show that leverages the functionality of electric vehicles and showcases the Tesla models put on a show with its headlights, taillights, cabin lights, and other lighting, programmed to light up in sync with the music. 

Car enthusiasts can also sign up for a test drive to experience the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y first-hand with a designated test drive route alongside Marina Bay. You can register here for the test drive which will be available throughout the duration of The Great Bay Fiesta 2022.



The Great Bay Fiesta runs from 1 December 2022 to 1 January 2023. For more information, click HERE. All images courtesy of The Show Master,, and Tesla.