Review: The Samsung Bespoke Jet with All-in-one Clean Station

Singapore is dusty. And people drop hair — a lot of it. And this is exactly why Singaporean households need a vacuum — and not those small, handheld ones for the car, but proper sticks with strong suction power to really clean the floor comfortably and well. We’ve tried lots of models of vacuum cleaners and it’s safe to say that they’re not all equal. More often than not, you get what you pay for — and that’s certainly the case with Samsung’s Bespoke Jet.

The Bespoke Jet is a high quality vacuum with what Samsung calls, an “All-in-One Clean Station”, and this feature is really the highlight of the system. The station acts as a stand for the vacuum, so there’s a place to dock it neatly every time after it’s used, plus it charges the vacuum so you’ll never be out of juice. It looks sleek and fancy, and I love the Woody Green finish that the whole system comes in. There’s also a Misty White version for those who prefer their gadgets to blend in with the wall, and a new Midnight Blue shade that’s really chic and will perfectly match the Bespoke Refrigerator in the Glam Navy finish.

Above: The SAMSUNG BESPOKE JET in woody green

As you can see, it fits right in with the rest of my home decor, but more importantly, at the press of a button, the dust in the vacuum gets automatically sucked into the station’s dust bag. This is a more sanitary way to dispose of dust compared to the traditional manual method of emptying it out yourself. The All-in-One Clean Station uses “Air Pulse” technology to empty the vacuum’s dustbin, and this system captures 99.999% of fine dust (based on testing by SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH). The dust bag in the station is also anti-bacterial and inhibits 99.9% of bacteria growth, and really only needs to be replaced every 2 to 3 months when it becomes full (the Bespoke Jet comes with 1 dust bag installed, and 2 extra in the box). But of course how quickly it becomes full depends on individual household use, and I’ve actually tested this for a good 3 months and haven’t had to change it yet.

Above: The all-in-one clean station will empty the dustbin automatically at the touch of a button.

Every time I press that magic button and watch the vacuum’s dustbin get emptied, I’m both entertained and amazed. It’s pretty satisfying to watch the system at work, and I truly love that I don’t have to manually handle the dust. This is a godsend for those who are sensitive to dust or have allergies.

Above: the vacuum charges on the station.

The vacuum has four settings: MIN, MID, MAX and JET. On the lowest setting, the vacuum can run up to 60 minutes, and with the extra battery that this set comes with, you essentially have a clean time of up to 120 minutes! It’s uninterrupted cleaning bliss!

Above: the modes and the time left are conveniently displayed clearly on the vacuum.

On the JET setting, the vacuum gets really powerful; it’s Samsung’s most powerful vacuum cleaner with an advanced Digital Inverter Motor that delivers up to 210W of suction power. It can suck up pretty much anything I roll it over, especially dust at hard to reach areas.

Like any good vacuum set, this gadget comes with a variety of cleaning accessories. The main ones being the Slim Action Brush and the Jet Dual Brush; the latter having soft rollers that pick up large dust on all floor types. I use this on the carpet and it works wonders. It reaches deep into the carpet fibres to remove dust, dirt, hair and food dropped by the kids.

Above: The crevice and combination tools.

I also find myself reaching for the combination and crevice tool often; these are great for vacuuming the car and the sliding door sills.

All the tools fit nicely on the accessory cradle, which is included in the box set; this cradle can also connect to a power outlet to keep the extra battery charged.

Above: the accessory cradle houses all the tools neatly, and can charge the extra battery too when connected to a power source. I love the handle at the top of the cradle, which makes it really easy to carry this around.

My experience with the Bespoke Jet has been so good, that I plan to add on the Spray Spinning Sweeper, which is sold separately. It’s a Micro-Fibre mop with pads that automatically spin, and with a spray nozzle to release water from the attached water tank. It sounds and looks extremely useful and I imagine will easily replace my regular mop.

Above: the spray spinning sweeper that can be purchased separately. Photo taken from the samsung website.


The Samsung Bespoke Jet complete extra in Woody Green is priced at $1,519 and comes with 2 battery packs. The main brushes in this set include the slim action brush and the jet dual brush.
The Samsung Bespoke Jet complete in misty white is priced at $1,319 and comes with 1 battery pack. The main brushes in this set include the slim action brush and the jet dual brush.
The Samsung Bespoke Jet complete in midnight blue is priced at $1,369 and comes with 1 battery pack. The main brushes in this set include the slim action brush and the spray spinning sweeper.