29Rooms To Debut In Singapore With 29 Immersive Creative Spaces For You To Take Pictures At Or Ponder About

As if there weren’t already enough activities packed for February, you might want to make some room on your calendar for another new immersive experience that is set to hit our shores the same month. Enter, 29Rooms. If you think it might sound familiar, then you might have already seen the intriguing ads pop up on your IG feed. 

“Money Mantras” in collaboration with Money Diaries at 29Rooms San Francisco 2018. (Image courtesy of Joel Henderson/Refinery29)

Borne from the creative mind of the media and entertainment platform Refinery29, 29Rooms has become almost like an annual event across the US (since its inaugural edition in 2015), where visitors will immerse themselves in a themed experience created in collaboration with artists, creators, and the community, across various forms of mediums that form an interactive multi-sensory playground of 29 physical rooms for you to explore, think and pose.

Past editions of 29Rooms have also seen celebrity collaborations with Lizzo, RuPaul, Janelle Monae, and poet Rupi Kaur.

From left to right: Janelle Monae in her “What’s Your Frequency?” Room at 29Rooms LA 2017 and Rupi Kaur in her “Between the Sheets” Room at 29Rooms San Francisco 2018. (Image courtesy of Refinery29/Joel Henderson)

In their international debut in Singapore from 10 February to 16 April 2023, and presented in partnership with Samsung, 29Rooms will be taking up temporary residence at Gardens by the Bay, where you will discover sensorial experiences designed for surprise and contemplation, celebration and reflection following the theme Lost & Found — inspired by the pandemic.

“Dream Doorway” in collaboration with Kali Uchis at 29Rooms LA 2018. (Image courtesy of Refinery29)
From left to right: “The Values Stand” in collaboration with ACLU at 29Rooms New York 2019 and “You Are Magic” in collaboration with Hoodwitch at 29Rooms San Francisco 2018. (Image courtesy of Refinery29/Joel Henderson)

Some of the rooms you can expect to encounter in Singapore will include a room with an immersive sunset experience that is aimed at helping you to decompress; a bathroom that features giant, flying toilet paper with a mirror that reflects a low-pixelated version of you; and a room that is inspired by the familiar bamboo poles of our HDB flats where you can screen print your own personal goals onto a T-shirt and hang it up as part of the installation.

There’s also a designated cafe area where you might be pushed out of your comfort zone to interact with other strangers if you want to enjoy a cup of coffee.

“29 Questions” at 29Rooms San Francisco 2018. (Image courtesy of Refinery29/Stephanie Bassos)

In addition to the 29 rooms you’ll be exploring, the Asia edition will also see the debut of an XRoom which will be dedicated to hosting music acts, DJs, artists, workshops, speakers, and F&B concepts from here and around the world. 


    • Weekdays (Wednesday to Thursday): Adult, from $32 | Child (6 to 17 years old), from $20
    • Weekends (Friday to Sunday and public holidays): Adult, from $42 | Child (6 to 17 years old), from $30
    • Free admission for children who are 5 years old and under

Tickets are available for purchase here.



29Rooms Experience in Singapore runs from 3 February to 16 April 2023 at Gardens by the Bay. For more information, click HERE. Header image courtesy of REFINERY29/29Rooms.