Highlights from LOEWE’s Spring Summer 2023 accessories by Jonathan Anderson

LOEWE’s Spring Summer 2023 collection for women focuses on lines, colours and shapes, with both versatile and functional accessories, as well as artistic pieces that will make exceptional collectibles in years to come.

The stand-out pieces from the runway are the footwear that takes reference from the anthurium flower; a product of nature that resembles an object of design, and holds some level of erotic tension. Creative Director, Jonathan Anderson plays lighting against texture, mixing fabrics that absorb light (like velvet and waxed cotton) with those that reflect it (enamel and leather).

Wearable art also comes in the form of spike-heeled pumps, pumped-up rubber pumps, and pumps swarming in deflated balloons.

For bags, there’s the now-iconic Puffer Goya that continues to be voluminous, but is now also pleated with texture.

And the Paseo bag — one of the newer designs — is constructed in supple and ultra-light leather and presented in new colours and various sizes.

Adding to its list of classic bag designs, LOEWE introduces the Fold Shopper tote, which can be folded flat at the base, making it practical for travel.


Visit LOEWE at ION Orchard Level 1 to see the full Spring Summer 2023 line and more.