OWNDAYS x HUAWEI Eyewear Smart Audio Glasses lets you see and listen with an in-built speaker system

Wearable technology just keeps getting better, and the one we currently have our eye on is the collaboration between Japanese eyewear brand, OWNDAYS, and one of our favourite tech houses, HUAWEI. Together, they have launched their version of Smart Audio Glasses that we think are extremely stylish, have a perfect fit for Asian wearers, and offer an alternative auditory experience. Check out the features:


There are two styles for the frames (the classic rectangle and the Wellington style), with both models available in two colour variations (black and grey).

At first glance, these glasses may appear gimmicky, but if the previous smart audio glasses HUAWEI did with Gentle Monster is any indication (they did two collaborations, the first in 2019 and the second in 2021), consumers actually embrace this tech and it’s here to stay.

Above: The OWNDAYS x HUAWEI Smart Audio Glasses in the Wellington style in all black.

The OWNDAYS x HUAWEI models are a modern and functional spin on smart audio glasses; the frame designs are both professional and stylish (great for both work and play), and lightweight, which means they are built for long hours of wear.

Above: The wellington style is slightly larger than the classic rectangular one.

There’s a snap-on lens that’s sold separately (very worth it for $20), which turns the spectacles instantly into sunglasses. It attaches to the frame effortlessly with built-in magnets, and features polarised lenses that reduce the glare from shiny surfaces such as the road, or reflections in water.

Above: The snap-on lens instantly turns these frames into sunglasses.

But these frames are more than just good looks, the collaboration with HUAWEI incorporates the brand’s audio tech into the design. The arms are equipped with semi-open, 128mm² large amplitude speakers that are discreet and actually sound pretty decent. They have a dynamic, directional design so you get stereo, surround sound with minimal sound leakage, but can still hear the environment around you (making them a safer choice to use while crossing the road).

Above: The directional speakers on the arms of the frames.

Pop the frames on, and they’ll be detected and automatically connect to your smartphone; following which, controlling the audio is intuitive. Gestures like Double Tap, Swipe, Press and Hold and Pinch are all familiar to smartphone users, and these are translated to the side arms. These gestures allow you to swipe to the next track, change volume levels and pause the audio. And yes, these glasses manage your voice calls too.

Above: The charging cable magnetically snaps onto the ends of the arms, and has a usb-c port for charging.

It takes around 85 minutes of charging to get a full charge on these frames, which will give you 6 hours of audio playback or 4.5 hours of voice calls.

At OWNDAYS, you can also upgrade the lenses to blue light, colour or Transitions lenses, at an additional cost. Just enquire in-store.

Are these for you?

They are for everybody. It’s hard not to try these at the store and not want them. They are flattering when worn, and especially practical if you have a degree and use spectacles, and listen to music on the go. The clip-on sunglasses are a necessary add-on, and very worth it at an additional $20.


The OWNDAYS x HUAWEI Eyewear Smart Audio Glasses is priced at $398 (includes standard high index aspheric lenses, an exclusive felt-fabric carrying case, a spectacle cloth and a charging converter).
The designated SNAP LENS can be purchased as an add-on option at $20 each.
available at selected OWNDAYS stores in Singapore and the OWNDAYS ONLINE STORE.