Review: Steigen Solar Pro laundry drying system — an essential buy? Or just nice to have…

When setting up a place, there are a few essential appliances that every household needs; like a refrigerator, stove and washer. Then there are the “extras” that are nice to have, but for most households, we can live without them — like a dish washer and robot vacuum. And then enter Steigen — a laundry drying system that sits in-between all these gadgets. It’s one of those items that you don’t realise you need (or really want) until it sits in your home and you try it for yourself.

Drying laundry can be done several ways: 1) In the sun (if you have the space and sun to do so); 2) In a dryer (not all households have tumble dryers, and they typically rack up the electricity bill); 3) With a laundry drying system like Steigen (these have gained in popularity in recent years, especially for apartments that aren’t very big and don’t get direct sunlight). Steigen is perhaps the cream of the crop when it comes to laundry drying systems; the brand creates really sleek designs, and the products are made from sturdy, high quality material, and include all the bells and whistles to make drying laundry an easy and efficient experience.

Steigen offers several different models that are priced between $899 to $1,299. At the time of writing, the previous Solar Ultra model has been discontinued, and it’s replaced by the more advanced Solar Pro ($1,299) that comes in five stunning colours, and is the most comprehensive drying system of the lot.

I love that selecting the right model is easy; for example, if you have a small apartment and need something compact, there’s the Solar Mini ($899) that can compress to just 1,070mm in length. If you need a basic but standard-sized unit, go for the Solar Sonic that’s available in four classic colours. And of course if you want all available functions and everything that Steigen has to offer, there’s the Solar Pro.

Above: The current Steigen models available on their WEBSITE.

For this review, we had the Solar Pro in White installed and tested out. The journey starts with a Steigen consultant visiting the home and taking site measurements, and then recommending what the best model would be, based on the client’s space, requirements, and of course, budget. An appointment is then fixed for the technicians to install the unit. Check out the process in the photos below:

Above: Here is the steigen solar Pro being installed in our bare kitchen. The technicians took into account that our kitchen cabinets were not up yet, and plotted the spot for the unit accordingly.

Above: we chose an l-mount bracket in white to secure the unit to the wall (it blends in nicely). we also planned a power point especially for the steigen at this spot; so take into consideration where you intend to place your laundry drying system, and plan for a convenient and discreet power point there.

Above: After the unit is mounted, the technician will fix in the poles and check that everything works well. The Solar Pro has two 3-tone LED strip panels that allow you to choose white, cool white or warm white lighting.

Above: the solar pro system has an in-built ioniser and dust mite repeller. The ioniser — when activated, produces 25,000ions/cm3 of positive and negative Sol lon™ to suppress bacteria activity for odour control.
As for the dust mite repeller, up to 8.5mof ultrasonic waves are emitted to prevent dust mites from breeding on the laundry. The result is no stinky laundry, and less allergies from your bedding and clothes.

Above: all the steigen models have built-in air circulators that blow out strong heat that evenly distributes across the laundry and helps it dry faster. IN the solar pro, it’s an 8-way circulator blower with improved vents that offer wide coverage.

Above: here’s the steigen in my built kitchen. the design is discreet and sleek, and placing it at the end of the house keeps the laundry out of the way. notice how the l-mount brackets and power point can’t be seen. we planned it such that they are hidden nicely behind the steigen.

Above: another look at the steigen in our kitchen. it matches the decor and instead of “sticking out”, it looks good and enhances the overall aesthetics of the space.

Above: the poles can be lowered and there are so many holes and hooks to hang laundry on. The solar pro model comes with 7 poles (4 extendable and 3 stationary). other models from steigen come with 5 poles.

Above: the steigen can be controlled on both the included remote (we stuck it on the wall here), or through the mobile app that gives the added convenience of managing the steigen anytime and anywhere.


If you’re thinking of a laundry drying system for your place, Steigen is a really good option, considering how well it works, and that it looks beautiful in any space. I’ve seen many other cheaper systems on Lazada, but you do get what you pay for; I always recommend investing more in electronic gadgets with moving parts, rather than regret a cheaper purchase when it breaks down (and then having to pay for repairs or a replacement).

Apart from the Solar Pro looking good, it has served my household well by handling all the laundry loads we throw at it to dry — including bedding and soft toys. And of course the point of a good laundry drying system is its ability to lower to a comfortable height so everyone can use it — in this case, my mum. She’s able to access the poles and hooks herself at the touch of a button, without having to ask anyone for help.

Also, because it’s been raining so much over the past two months, we hardly get any sun to dry the laundry; plus the kids stepping into puddles means they come back with wet shoes. That’s where the Steigen Solar Pro really comes in handy. I can dry soaked shoes overnight on the rack.

Above: wet shoes drying on the steigen solar pro rack.

Do note that as far as laundry drying systems go, Steigen is a very popular brand, so expect the lead time for installation to be approximately 3-5 weeks. But the customer service is impeccable and the site survey extremely informative.

The Steigen Solar pro is priced at $1,299, available in White (featured here), silver, midnight green, midnight blue and eclipse, and can be ordered at I also recommend visiting the Steigen showroom at 140 Paya Lebar Road, #08-26 AZ@Paya Lebar to experience the product for yourself.