New brand to watch: Empire Massage Chairs, affordable luxury in the home

I met Dave recently at the Empire showroom in Kallang; he’s one of the co-founders of the company, a new local brand of massage chairs that appears to be all over Facebook now. It’s a clever brand name that alludes to their mission — to own a sizeable market share of whatever they’re in, and right now, it’s focused on slicing up the pie for massage chairs in Singapore. Also, who doesn’t want a massage chair in their home?

Brands like OSIM and Ogawa have been around for decades, monopolising the industry for years; but today, a quick search on Lazada or Shopee will show options that can be shipped direct from China, with many of them below the $1,000 mark. But there’s really nothing like seeing and trying out the real thing before you buy it (with warranty, no less), and at the Empire showroom, they keep it straightforward, with just two models to choose from.

Above: the two massage chair models available from EMPIRE.

The regular model is priced affordably at $1,399, and will give your body a full workout with compression airbags, leg reflexology, heat therapy and what the brand calls “Zero Gravity” (it feels like floating in space). The Pro model is what I’m excited about; it can track the body shape and size, and customise the massage accordingly.

Above: The Empire massage chair, $1,399.

Empire keeps their product offerings simple, so it’s uncomplicated to choose what you want. There are really only two models (at least at the moment), and they only come in one colour — a universal grey that’s pleasing to the eye, and will fit into any home discreetly.

Above: the control panel for selecting and customising your massage.

There’s a control panel that allows you to easily select the massage function you want, while showing you exactly what is going on and where.

Above: the head rest and shoulder airbags.

There are airbags throughout the massage chair, and these can be easily switched on or off from the control panel.

Above: arm airbags for compression.

The in-built leg massager has included airbags for leg compression, and a foot roller for the soles of your feet.

Above: the leg massager with airbags and a foot roller.

The Pro model, in particular, has added controls on the armrest, including a USB port for charging your phone.

Above: the armrest includes a usb port for charging your phone.

The styling of the massage chair is sleek with a premium finish. It’s also a fairly compact chair compared to many models from other competing brands.

above: the side of the chair has a premium and sleek look.

above: the back rest for the pro model.

above: the dimensions of the empire massage chair.

Does the chair feel good? It certainly does. If you’re looking for a more affordable, but reliable massage chair, the regular model will suit you well; if you want a more customised experience that will really make you feel pampered, fork out a bit more for the Pro model. It’s unlikely you’ll regret this purchase considering you’ll be using it every day for a long time to come.

Empire Massage Chair, $1,399 and PRO Massage Chair, $1,999, available online at CONTACT THEM to visit their showroom to try out the models for yourself.