Secretlab Launches Harry Potter House SKINS For Your Gaming Chairs

The Wizarding World has looped back into mainstream pop culture again — not that it has ever left, if millennials had a choice — and it’s all thanks to a little role-playing video game called Hogwarts Legacy. Of course, “little” is a severe understatement here. The world, or at least our side of TikTok, has been obsessed with every single bit of the immersive, open-world experience, from magical robes that glow every time you cast a spell to showing off each house’s common rooms.

Whether you’re all about courage, ambition, intelligence or loyalty, gaming chair brand Secretlab has got just the thing. In the lead-up to Hogwarts House Pride Week on 20 March, they are launching a Harry Potter House Collection of Secretlab SKINS, a series of outer sleeves for your chair, each bearing the iconic crest and colours of each Hogwarts house.

The designs are an easy way to transform your new or existing Secretlab TITAN Evo chair into something that truly represents you — whether you see yourself in Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.

Each SKIN is precisely mapped with a proprietary fitting system in order to match the curves of the chair, almost cloaking it in unrivalled form and fit, especially if we’re also considering its comfy SoftWeave® Plus fabric. A major plus? These are removable and machine-washable too for easy maintenance.

House crests go prominently on the front and back of the backrest sleeve, while the design is further accented with a checkered pattern, in house colours, on the side wings. Time to accio your fave then!


Secretlab Harry Potter House SKINS , $269 each, pre-order here. The first two waves of pre-orders will arrive in May and October respectively.