What To Expect At The Coach Play Singapore Shophouse — And The World’s First Coach Cafe

Attention: this is not a drill. All-American fashion brand Coach has recently unveiled their latest store concept in Singapore, the Coach Play Singapore Shophouse — and this one’s not a pop-up either.

What it is though is an immersive and unique concept store that brings together the house’s distinct New York spirit with plenty of local flavour, particularly the nostalgic vibes of its surrounding neighbourhood at Keong Saik Road. The first-in-Asia location marks their largest global concept store to date, while the space is also home to the first-ever Coach Café.

The Coach Shophouse Takeover

As you can see, Coach has taken over an entire shophouse, with a striking pink and orange colour scheme on its facade in order to signal their bold intention.

Inside, you’ll find the same unified feel, part quirky and charming, yet expressive of the brand’s contemporary luxury aesthetics. The space is divided into six rooms, each with its own unique theme that encourages play and discovery while paying homage to the house’s rich heritage and craftsmanship.

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On the first floor, the Coach Lounge is dedicated to iconic Coach leathergoods, such as the popular Tabby bag in all its various shapes, forms, and colours.

Go up the stairs and turn a corner to discover the Vintage Room, which features archival and vintage designs, lovely patina included, which allows us to appreciate the journey of the brand and purchase a couple of sweet gems for ourselves too; a customisation booth is also available should you wish to add on embroidery patches or coloured versions of Coach’s iconic hangtags.

Inspired by the New York City subway, there’s also the Coach Station room, buzzing with new-in pieces and a seasonal selection of Coach ready-to-wear apparel and accessories. There’s also a (not-so-)secret room on the third floor called Coach World, a digital art experience that tells the story of the house’s heritage of craft.

Coach Café

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Foodies ought to flock over to the world’s first Coach Café as well, where the fresh and vibrant takeover lets us enjoy artisanal coffee and, as expected, classic American eats and desserts inspired by New York City. Done in collaboration with local cafe Brawn & Brains, every menu item has been carefully considered, both taste-wise and in terms of channeling the aesthetics of the brand.

You can try the sweet-savoury delight of Chicken & Waffles, for instance, which sees Coach icon Rexy as the cutest slice of butter. Classic Pancakes take on a bit of local charm, thanks to the addition of homemade kaya alongside maple syrup and a mixed berries jam.

The dessert bar menu further pays tribute to all things Coach, with The Hangtag Surprise literally taking after the shape of the leather tab we usually see on their bags, more depictions of Rexy the dinosaur in various forms, and Coach’s signature ‘C’ via chocolate pieces that accompany the Coach Hot Chocolate.


The Coach Play Singapore Shophouse is located at 5 Keong Saik Road, Singapore. More information at singapore.coach.com/coach-play-singapore-shophouse.

Store Opening Hours:

    • Monday to Sunday, 10am – 10pm

Cafe Opening Hours:

    • Monday to Sunday (Closed on Wednesdays)
    • Day menu: 9am – 3pm
    • Dessert Bar: 6pm – 9pm