Carousell Launches Certified Luxury, Providing Ease Of Mind When Buying Secondhand Luxury Goods Online

Shopping secondhand has become quite second nature for Singaporeans, a habit that’s been cultivated over the years thanks to the presence of online marketplaces such as Carousell. The brand, now over a decade-old, has established itself as a leader in the space, making it incredibly convenient to sell and buy products, while cultivating a sustainable (and cost-effective!) practice good for both our wallets and the environment.

With this recognition of our collective desire to shop secondhand, they’ve now gone one step further — by introducing Certified Luxury.

Fancy a CHANEL handbag? Or perhaps something from Louis Vuitton, Dior, or Gucci? We can trust shopping for these high-end brands right on Carousell, as the new programme ensures pre-loved luxury goods go through authentication checks from trusted experts, in order to assess the quality and legitimacy of the product.

According to the Carousell Recommerce Index, consumers are increasingly more comfortable choosing to buy secondhand. However, there is some hesitation due to concerns about the quality and authenticity of the item. Singaporean users said in a survey that they will consider buying secondhand items if they can have their purchases authenticated for quality, and/or have product warranty.

This observation has led them to launch a brand new way of approaching secondhand luxury; Carousell is keen on catering on making luxury bags more accessible for everyone, especially price-conscious individuals who know that it’s sometimes smarter to shop secondhand.

How Carousell’s Certified Luxury determines the authenticity of a luxury product

Beyond just an authentication programme, Carousell Luxury aims to make us feel at ease about the quality of the items we buy, especially when it comes to high-value products such as luxury bags and accessories.

For bags and wallets sold by the Carousell Official Store, these items go through a process of authentication by in-house professional experts, who perform thorough checks on each product’s serial numbers, material, stitching, hardware and the likes to ensure that its authenticity.

Once that’s done, the item is then listed as a Certified Luxury listing, complete with the red ‘Certified’ tag, so we’re assured an original, high-quality product. Its condition is also labelled upfront within the listing.

Besides the Carousell Official Store, ‘Certified’ listings are also sold by Carousell Certified Partners, who are reputable industry experts with years of experience in their respective fields. They themselves have also gone through verification checks with the company, and are trusted to maintain high standards during each and every inspection. If an item by either the Carousell Official Store or Certified Partners is found inauthentic, buyers will get money-back guarantee and also receive an extra $500 on top of the full refund.

Certified Luxury offers further convenience with free returns and various payment options

The programme even extends to free returns within 24 hours of delivery, no questions asked. Should you change your mind, and are in some way not satisfied with the item you’ve received, you may easily request for a return immediately on the Order details page.

Additionally, there are also multiple on-platform payment options for secure transactions via Atome BNPL, credit or debit cards, DBS PayLah! and PayNow. For Atome payments, you can also see a suggested instalment payment breakdown on the app for you to better decide on your preferred payment mode.

Here’s a summary of the Carousell Certified Luxury promise:

  • Authenticated by luxury experts that check on an item’s originality and quality
  • 24-hour change of mind returns, with no questions asked
  • Money-back guarantee with an extra $500 on top of the full refund if the items are found inauthentic 

With Certified Luxury, it’s clear to see that Carousell is offering even more trust to its users — and by extension, choice too, as a robust secondhand market makes luxury more accessible to a wider audience. We get to experience well-made, quality products, and real luxury, at a fraction of the cost, with assurance on the quality of our new purchase.

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