Fossil celebrates the 40th anniversary of our favourite Star Wars film, Return Of The Jedi, with an exciting collection of watches and jewellery

Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi is the one film that we can watch over and over again while reciting iconic lines like “It’s a trap!”. And this year, the film celebrates its 40th anniversary!! Fossil pays homage to the characters and symbols of the Rebellion with a capsule collection that includes limited edition watches as well as easy jewellery pieces.

Fossil’s Chief Brand Officer, Melissa Lowenkron says that this collection is “Made for fans by fans — we’re excited for people to discover the intricate details inspired by the film, and to collect their favourite pieces from this exceptional collaboration.”

Here’s everything to get.

Above: There are 6 limited edition watches, individually-numbered, and designed in celebration of the film’s most beloved rebels.

Above: the watches are packaged in a collector’s box that has cinematic sound effects, comic-book-style illustrations, and a replica movie ticket pin.

Above: Luke Skywalker ($479). the dial features luke’s glowing green lume Lightsaber as the second hand, and an invisible blue lume Force lightning that glows in the dark.

Above: Leia Organa ($479). inspired by Leia’s iconic Endor look with an invisible lume Rebellion sign that glows in the dark, and paired with a padded leather strap that references her helmet.

Above: R2-D2 ($629). crafted around an applied, stamped and printed dimensional R2-D2inspired frame and fitted with Japanese automatic movement. the minute hand is shaped like the droid’s repair tool arm.

Above: front and back of the r2-d2 watch.

Above: C-3PO ($629). this square-shaped case has an exposed automatic movement, silver-tone lug that matches C-3PO’s silver leg, and etched droid cabling-inspired caseback detail.

Above: Han Solo ($479). A redesign of Fossil’s Heritage watch with a rich leather saddle strap, golden yellow pant stripe detail, and matching accents on the dial.

Above: Chewbacca ($479). Features a debossed fur texture on the dial and rivet details on the strap, recalling Chewie’s signature bandolier.

Above: The back of the Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca watches.

Above: ID Plaque necklaces ($169 each), inspired by the famous droids.

Above: Hoop earrings ($129). showcasing the Rebellion logo.

Above: Earring stud set ($179).

Above: Gold-tone charm bracelet ($229).

Above: Gold-tone charm necklace ($179).


Shop the Star Wars x Fossil collection from May 4, 2023 at FOSSILSG.COM and select Fossil stores.