Review: Price meets performance with the PRISM+ Q Series Ultra QLED Google TV

When you buy a TV, you’re making a very important decision. How big it should be, what apps it can play, how good the screen is, and most importantly, how much it costs. And when you buy the right TV for your room, it becomes priceless; you’ll get hours of enjoyment out of it, so it’s necessary to choose carefully.

Prism+ recently launched their Q-Ultra series of televisions, and it’s the brand’s top-of-the-line range, where as they say, price meets performance. Just like all their other TVs, the design is sleek and minimalistic:

Above: The Prism+ Q65 Ultra QLED Google TV, image from the prism+ website.

The bezel is nice and thin, maximising the screen size (there are 55″, 65″ and 75″ models), and out of the box, it comes with legs so you can stand it on a console. You can also arrange to have it mounted on a wall with a fixed mount or one that swivels. Here are the current prices from the Prism+ website.

Above: Prism+ q series Ultra QLED Google TV prices, image captured from prism+ website.

What’s new and special about this new line is really the quality of the screen. It appears extremely bright, with good contrast and excellent colour saturation, which means blacks are super black and colours like red and orange appear strong and vibrant. It’s a feast for the eyes and certainly comparable to TV screens that cost twice the price from other brands.

Prism+ has also incorporated Dolby Vision for a cinematic visual experience, and Dolby Atmos for 3D spatial sound. Whatever you’re screening — from movies to games, it will all look and sound incredible.

Above: The Prism+ Q65 Ultra QLED Google TV (with playstation camera on top).

And as a Google TV, you can access all the necessary apps on the Google Play store, including Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, and you can hook up an Apple TV for that added content too. Many users will like that Google Assistant is built-in, so you can command the programs with your voice. And if that bothers you, you can turn the listening function off too.

Above: The bezel is thin and sleek, maximising the screen size.

The new Prism+ Q Series Ultra QLED Google TVs aren’t just decent televisions, they are really good value for what they’re retailing at. For the quality you get with one of these sets, you’ll be happy with it for years to come. Also, before you purchase one of these, check out the promos on Prism+ (there are currently codes for up to $500 off the discounted price, plus freebies including free 3-year onsite warranty).

Above: The Prism+ Q65 Ultra QLED Google TV remote.
The PRISM+ Q65 Ultra QLED Google TV is priced at $1,599, available at