The Dyson V12s Detect Slim Submarine is Dyson’s first Wet and Dry vacuum

Pretty much every year we can expect new vacuum models from Dyson, and this year holds one of the most revolutionary from the brand — the Dyson V12s Detect Slim Submarine, Dyson’s first wet and dry floor cleaning product.

The Submarine has a microfibre wet roller head that picks up debris as well and spills and even tough stains. There’s a pressurised chamber that releases 18ml of water every minute to wash floors evenly with no water excess. And like all Dyson vacuums, we can expect effortless manoeuvring below furniture and at the corners of rooms.

Above: The new microfiber wet roller head that can suck up both liquids and debris.

This machine is really easy to use. Just charge the head, click in the attachment you want to use, and then turn it on. For vacuuming liquids, the contaminated water from the wet roller is deposited into a separate waste-water tray, which is easily emptied and cleaned. And one 300ml clean tank of water can cover a floor area of up to 110m² (the size of an average 5-room HDB).

In the box, besides the new wet roller head, there are multiple cleaning heads including the popular Hair Screw Tool (this picks up hair and wraps it around the brush bar so your machine doesn’t get tangled), a Crevice Tool for more precise vacuuming, and a Combination Tool that lets you choose to use it with or without the attached brush head.

Deep cleaning is also possible with the Acoustic Dust Sensing function, which shows on the LCD screen the size and number of particles; and the vacuum will automatically increase the suction power accordingly.

Above: Various attachment heads come with the new dyson V12s Detect Slim Submarine, with each serving a different functional purpose.

This is one of the best inventions we’ve seen from Dyson and it’s a good investment for washing hard floors (it can replace your usual mop), and deep cleaning around the home.

The Dyson V12s Detect Slim Submarine is a premium cordless vacuum, available now on DYSON.COM.SG and at Dyson Demo stores, priced from $1,299.