First look at the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 with a large 3.4-inch Flex Window and no gap at the hinge

We’re now in Seoul for one of the most exciting phone announcements of the year — The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5. Alongside these new phones, there’s also the Galaxy Watch6, Galaxy Watch6 Classic, and Galaxy Tab S9 Series. Jumping straight into it, here’s what everything new looks like:

Above: Photos courtesy samsung.


The flip phone is perhaps the most exciting product announced at Samsung Unpacked and the focus of this article. Samsung made huge improvements from their last model (the Galaxy Z Flip4), most notably, there’s now a large 3.4″ Cover Screen (called the Flex Window) that spans nearly the entire panel. And with a bigger screen, you can do greater things. There are 13 proprietary widgets that let you customise what you want to see on the Flex Window, with the ability to toggle an option within your other commonly used apps, to see them on the cover screen as well. More on that below.

Another improvement is when the device is closed, there’s no gap at the hinge. The panels flush flat together, and the look is sleeker, neater and overall more compact.

Above: The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 closed in the hand. It is samsung’s most compact flip phone ever.
Photo courtesy samsung.

Samsung says that this is their most compact Galaxy Z Flip yet. It appears very close in size and dimension to the Galaxy Z Flip4, but the Galaxy Z Flip5 has shaved off 2mm from the thickness when closed — again, because no gap.

So bigger front screen (the Flex Window), and no gap when closed (like another flip phone we know in the market). Now let’s talk about what the Flex Window can do.

Above: (left) the large exterior screen / (right) the phone is nice and compact and will fit easily into any bag.
Photos courtesy samsung.


Pinch the screen, and this activates Multi Widget View. This view shows you all the widgets available at a glance, and lets you switch between them instantly. Widgets include the weather, music playback control, calendar, stock market updates (from the Google Finance widget), direct dial, alarm, stopwatch, timer, voice recorder, steps, and SmartThings scenes.

You can also check notifications, browse call history, return missed calls, access Samsung Wallet9 (to pay for stuff and open your digital passes), and access your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings without having to open the device. What’s also most convenient is that you can now reply to text messages using Quick Reply — this brings up a full QWERTY keyboard and shows the chat history.

Above: The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 with various cases.
Photo courtesy samsung.


Samsung doesn’t particularly tout the Galaxy Z Flip5 as a camera phone (look to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for this), but its camera system holds its own weight and complements all the other things users love about the phone — such as the ability to sit the phone up and take hands-free pictures from creative angles with it. This becomes a truly versatile camera experience.

From the Flex Window, you can get a clear view of yourself while taking selfies (influencers and content creators will love this), and also from the Flex Window, there’s a Quick View function that lets the user review, adjust colour tone or delete images — it’s a convenience we never knew we wanted.

If you’re taking a photo of your friend, there’s another thing called Dual Preview that lets them see themselves in the Flex Window, so they can effectively use it as a mirror to adjust themselves.

Above: The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 opened, in flex mode, and closed.
Photos courtesy samsung.


Saving the best for last, you’re going to flip over the variety of accessories available for the new Galaxy Z Flip5. Top of my list is the Flipsuit. These are “cards” that snap onto the back of the phone with a clear case to hold it in place, and they are programmed to connect to the Galaxy Z Flip5 via NFC, changing the screensaver on the Flex Window! There are also grips that attach to the back of the phone (with a special case), and can be used to hold the phone more securely and as a stand. Check out our video below to see how all these work.

Above: The flipsuit comes in many, many designs.


If it’s a good time to upgrade your phone and you’ve been eyeing a foldable, we recommend you get on the pre-order list now, because there are tons of freebies available. Full specs of the phone below.

Above: the colours of the Galaxy Z Flip5 include mint, cream, graphite and lavender, with the mint and lavender being the key colours for this launch.

Above: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE colours include green, blue, yellow and gray.


The Galaxy Z Flip5 will be available in singapore from friday 11 august 2023. If you pre-order from singtel, m1 or starhub, you can collect the device from 4 august 2023.
Pre-orders for the galaxy z flip5 starts wednesday 26 july 2023 at 7pm, and Pre-orders get a free double storage upgrade, free 1-year samsung care+ screen care, and additional overtrade value of $200. There’s also a $50 accessories voucher for your next purchase on selected samsung accessories (this voucher is while stocks last).
The Galaxy Z Flip5 in mint, cream, graphite and lavender is priced at $1,498 (256gb memory).
The Galaxy z flip5 online exclusive colours at SAMSUNG.COM include green, blue, yellow and gray, priced at $1,678 (512GB memory).