The 2023 MUJI WALKER Series Is All About Functional Everyday Wear With Quick-Drying and UV-Protective Properties

MUJI’s about to make walking, well, a walk in the park with the MUJI WALKER series. The series is already a staple if you’re a fan of MUJI apparel, and perfectly designed for light exercises and outdoor walks as t-shirts, pants, leggings and other functional clothes incorporate important activewear elements, while still being versatile for everyday wear.

If you’re living in Singapore, you know how hot and unbearable our weather can get. All clothes in the MUJI WALKER series, thankfully, come with sweat-absorbing and quick-drying properties woven right into the fabric. What’s more, the items are also water-repellent and equipped with UV protection — with an impressive Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50 — which should make them essentials on your next walk, jog, or hike.

As seen in the above video, the MUJI WALKER Series is great for all kinds of occasions, whether it’s everyday wear due to its easy cuts and comfortable feel; rainy or humid weather because of its water-repellent properties; and the sunny outdoors or while we’re active as the apparel features UV-protective, quick-drying and sweat-absorbent benefits. The designs are also kept minimalist, so we can pair them with various outfit while knowing that they’re sure to outlast fleeting seasonal trends.

New to the MUJI WALKER Series — the Quick Dry T-Shirt and UV Quick Stretch Shorts

This year, MUJI has expanded the series with new functional T-Shirts and Shorts, each with specific properties that make them suitable for outdoors and exercise.

New — Men’s UV Quick Dry T-shirt, $29.90 ; Ladies’ UV Quick Dry Boat Neck T-shirt, $29.90 ; Men’s & Ladies UV Quick Stretch Shorts, $29.90.

The Quick Dry T-Shirt ($29.90), when worn, has a cooling effect on the skin, thanks to technology that instantly releases heat from the body, and its highly-breathable material achieved by a special mesh-like structure. It also features UV-protective qualities that blocks out direct UV rays from the sun, shielding our skin from sunburn. This particular style is available in Men’s and Ladies’ style, with a classic crew silhouette for the men, and a boat neck collar for the women’s style.

For a set of complementary bottoms, reach out for the UV Quick Stretch Shorts ($29.90), which boast a high UPF50+ UV protection, and excellent quick-drying properties to help diffuse sweat and keep us dry and comfortable. Also available in Men’s and Ladies’ cuts, the shorts hold their shape while still being flexible enough for all-day wear.

Other MUJI WALKER Series Essentials

UV Cut Half Top Bra ($29.90) and UV Cut Leggings ($29.90).

Head over to your nearest MUJI store to discover other staples within the collection. One of our favourite pieces has to be the UV Cut Half Top Bra ($29.90) and UV Cut Leggings ($29.90), available separately or in a matching set, that provides UV protection in a material that allows for moderate stretch and light exercises; the four colours, of neutrals as well as a muted pink and blue, also make for great post-gym OOTDs!

Men’s Water Repellent Shorts ($29.90).

The Men’s Water Repellent Shorts ($29.90) remains a hot favourite for the guys too, as they’re made of a windproof fabric that repels water, hence ideal for all kinds of sports or temperamental weather conditions. These are available in black, navy and khaki, sure, but also a bright blue and a rusty orange shade.


As for the other activewear essentials, there are Quick Dry tank tops and sleeveless t-shirts, along with short pants and leggings, which are all able to quickly and effectively absorb and diffuse sweat. Here’s your excuse to head out of the house and stay active!


The MUJI WALKER Series, available at MUJI stores and the official store on Shopee