Apple and Hermès continue their collaboration with new faces and technical straps in webbing, knit and rubber

The 2023 Apple Watch Hermès strap collection includes new styles that make reference to iconic design elements from Hermès, while introducing technical elements and materials that make sense for the new Apple Watch Series 9. As expected from both brands, the styles are sleek and practical, and exude quality and luxury across all the designs.

There’s the Briton (above), a knitted band that evokes the aesthetic of an equestrian bridle; the Toile H that features the Toile H motif, and Twill Jump that has a band with an elegant webbing weave (both below).

We particularly love the Kilim, a band that has the intertwined Hs, which is a motif borrowed from Hermès jewellery. This strap is available in a multitude of colours (featured below is the Kaki), and is fully waterproof.

The Clou de selle (below) is perhaps the most classic of the range, with Barénia calfskin bands.

Also for this Apple Watch Hermès collaboration, a new Radial watch face is introduced, and is a reinterpretation of the Cape Cod aesthetic. What’s interesting is that the numerals light up as the hour hand goes past, referencing the stars that guide ships after nightfall.

Apple Watch Hermès is available from 22 september 2023, priced from $1,749 for the watch, and from $499 for the bands. Shop at and HERMES.COM. See everything below.
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