Meet the Journey NEXA — the Charging Laptop Sleeve you’ll want for your next work trip

A few months ago, we reviewed Journey’s ALTI Wireless Charging Desk Mat, and it hasn’t moved from our desk since it landed there. Now the brand has a portable laptop sleeve version of it and it’s incredible.

It’s called the NEXA, and Journey claims it’s the world’s first 4-in-1 laptop sleeve with wireless charging. We’ve seen laptop sleeves that can fold out into a computer and mouse mat (eg. Razer), but not one that does that with included charging. And Journey’s charges two devices (compatible phone and earbuds case) wirelessly just like its ALTI Wireless Charging Desk Mat.

There’s an included USB-C to USB-C cable included, and you’ll need your own charging head to plug this into.

There are two sizes for the sleeve — 13” / 14” and 15”/ 16” sleeve (the one featured fits the 14” MacBook Pro, as seen above).

It’s a nice snug fit that has some level of padding, with the edges all fully protected by the case. It also comes in two colours: Black (featured here), and Dove Grey that’s very sleek as well. The exterior is made from a smooth vegan leather, and the interior is a soft-quilted fabric that won’t scratch your device.

When opened flat, the top cover becomes a wireless charger. You’ll obviously need to plug in the USB-C cable and connect it to a power source for juice.

It has a MagSafe charger, which perfectly fits all iPhones with MagSafe functionality, and any other phone that can be wirelessly charged by the Qi standard — this includes the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy Z Flip5, Xiaomi 13 Ultra, Nothing Phone 2 and more. The top pad charges earbud cases that can charge wirelessly, like the Apple AirPods Pro (seen here).

You can place the laptop on the NEXA sleeve as well so it becomes a computer mat. We give this new technology a thumbs up and will definitely be bringing it along for our next work trip. Additions we hope to see in future versions: a pocket to house the cable and maybe other small gadget things like SD cards, and maybe turn the top cover into an actual power bank that can keep charge so you don’t even need to plug in the cable to charge your devices while on the go with no power source. But we imagine that would increase the weight of this sleeve substantially. Anyway, judging from the ALTI desk mat and now this NEXA sleeve, we can’t wait to see what Journey has next in store.

The journey NEXA 4-in-1 Laptop Sleeve with Wireless Charging is priced at USD109.99 and available online at JOURNEYOFFICIAL.COM.