The new foldable OPPO Find N3 has an incredible Hasselblad camera system, and a gorgeous, premium build

Everyone gets excited over a foldable smartphone. It looks impressive when you open it up, and your friends always ask to “see it”. And after keeping it secret for so long, OPPO today unveils the Find N3 — their most advanced and dare I say, most desirable phone in their lineup.

The OPPO Find N3 is gorgeous. It comes in a semi-matte gold finish that is very classy, but it’s their black version with the leather back that has me and all the photographers I know lusting over.

For a foldable, it’s actually really compact. When unfolded, it’s only 5.8mm in thickness (which is really very thin), its height is 153.4mm, and the whole unit weighs just 239g (for the black version featured here).

The unfolded display is a generous 7.8” and has a peak brightness of 2800nits, which is the brightness screen that’s come across our Editor’s desk. For photographers editing photos on their screen under a bright sun, this is a big deal.

As beautiful as this phone is, it’s really the camera system that’s the most exciting. OPPO has created the lenses in partnership with Hasselblad, and includes a 48MP 24mm Wide Camera, 48MP 14mm Ultra Wide Camera, and a 64MP 70mm Telephoto lens that’s gonna be fun to use.

Hasselblad comes in with its signature colour calibration and there’s, wait for it… XPAN mode. A fellow photographer who discovered the XPAN function on the Find N3 started jumping up and down like Tom Cruise in front of Oprah — he was that excited.

There’s an included 67W charger in the box, which enables fast charging — you get over 80% in just 30 minutes and a full charge in 42 minutes. There’s no wireless charging though.

This past week, I took some portrait shots with the Find N3 periscope 70mm telephoto camera, which has 3x optical zoom. The photos turned out truly impressive and I can understand the cult and hype surrounding the launch of this in Singapore. Have a look.

Above: Eugena photographed on the OPPO Find N3.

Above: Layla photographed on the OPPO Find N3.

Above: Peter and Zoe photographed on the OPPO Find N3.

Above: Master Chef Daiki Kawaguchi photographed on the OPPO Find N3.

Above: Master Chef Alain Devahive Tolosa photographed on the OPPO Find N3.


All photos taken by ADELE CHAN on the OPPO Find N3.
OPPO Find N3 is priced at $2,399 and available for pre-order now on SHOPEE. available for sale islandwide in Singapore from 28 October 2023.