Essential Klook Activities to book for Tokyo, including the Micro Pig Cafe and cheaper Shinkansen Tickets!

If you’re travelling to Japan, there are a few essential things you’ll need; these include a WiFi or SIM card, and train tickets to get around. You can readily book these services online, but where do you go? Most Singaporeans go to Klook, because it’s realiable, has tons of options, and the prices and promos are competitive. Going to Japan soon? Here’s our current list of things to book on Klook!


Getting data is likely the first thing on your mind when travelling anywhere. Klook has quite a few WiFi and SIM card options for Japan, and with these many choices, it can be daunting trying to choose the right one you need. NINJA WiFi is always a safe bet, but you’ll have to pick up the physical device at the airport in Japan — but remember that these counters have operating hours, and if your flight lands outside of these times, you’re at a loss.

Above: There are many WiFi and SIM card options for Japan on klook.

A WiFi device is useful when you’re sharing it among friends, like a hotspot. And while an eSIM may do the same trick,  using your phone as a personal hotspot will drain its battery, hence the benefit of choosing a WiFi device for sharing. But with these devices, you also can’t split up and need to stay near the device to get reception.

For this trip, I’m travelling with a tween who might wander off on her own, and not have access to a WiFi device in my bag — which would defeat the purpose of it because I wouldn’t be able to contact her. So I chose to get several eSIMs for this trip instead.

Above: there are several packages to choose from for the 4G eSIM for Japan from Softbank, so you can select what you need.

I activated them in Singapore using the QR code sent immediately after purchase via email, and once I landed in Tokyo, our devices automatically connected to the supported network. Another benefit is not having to carry any additional gadgets around (eg. the WiFi router). The whole process of receiving the QR code, scanning it on our compatible iPhones, and enjoying unlimited data throughout our trip was straightforward and cost effective. A highly recommended Klook activity.

4G eSIM for Japan from Softbank (QR code delivery via email), from $12.75 for 500MB/Day for 5 days package.


If you want to travel between cities in Japan, you’ll need a Shinkansen (Bullet Train) ticket. In October this year, there was a massive price hike for the JR Pass, with the most significant increase being for the Green Pass option (the first-class seats that can be reserved). I was travelling from Tokyo to Nagoya (to visit Ghibli Park!) and was flying back to Singapore from Nagoya, so I just needed a point-to-point Shinkansen ticket for the family.

Above: all the popular routes are available on KLOOK.

Klook offers all the different train times and classes, so don’t worry about tickets running out. And if you’re familiar (or not) with Klook promo codes, there are usually codes for Shinkansen tickets, so look out for them to save money!

Above: Examples of current promo codes.

Above: view from nagoya jr gate tower hotel. spot the shinkansen train ready for take off.
If you need help figuring out which ticket to buy, you can read this article on Klook to find out more about the different pass types and to see the price list.


Japan has cat cafes, owl cafes, Shiba Inu cafes, and now micro pig cafes! Having a coffee with small pigs is truly a unique experience — something you won’t get in Singapore.

Above: There are tons of Micro pigs at mipig cafe. be prepared because as many as four to five of them could climb up on your lap at once.

The popular Mipig Cafe in Harajuku gives you the opportunity to hold and take pictures with the cafe’s adorable micro pigs. Be prepared that they may nibble and/or stain your clothes so don’t complain — they are pigs after all. With this Klook package, you’ll also get a drink and a mipig-designed donut that’s almost as cute as the pigs.

Above: pigs and pig-designed donuts at mipig cafe.
Micro Pig Cafe experience in Harajuku, $41.99.


When in Tokyo, how about going on a cruise; especially if you’ve never been on one before. Klook has several cruises that depart for lunch, afternoon tea, sunset and dinner.

Above: The cruise ship.

I went for the sunset dining experience and chose the Japanese Beef Steak set so we were guaranteed a window seat (it’s not necessary to get a window seat though, because you can head up to the upper deck for all the views and pictures you want).

Above: inside the cruise ship.

The five-course meal was substantial and the views are needless to say, worth the very cold boat ride. But I love winter in Japan, and as long as you bundle up, you can go upstairs to the open deck and enjoy the sights and breeze. You should definitely have your camera handy for this one.

Above: you can sit on the upper deck to enjoy views of tokyo city as the sun sets.
Sunset Dining Cruise Experience in Tokyo by the Symphony, from $80.75.