Last Minute Gifts for the Disney and Star Wars fan — there’s shopDisney Singapore online

Everyone has a friend who’s a Disney or Star Wars fan. Well, you don’t need to travel to Disneyland to get exclusive Disney merchandise — just check out shopDisney Singapore online, which has a delivery time of just 1-2 business days. So if you’re looking for last minute gifts (even if it’s for yourself), order now and you should get it before Christmas. Here are NYLON’s picks of what we’d like under our tree this year. And you can just click on the image to go straight to the shopping page.


It’s fine to be an adult and still love toys. Get both these remote control droids and pit them against each other! It’s also never too early to get a Halloween costume for your kid; this Darth Vader one has eight sound effects with sizes from 3 to 10 years old.


You may think that mugs are such a cliché gift — well, not these! Have a laugh with the Beaker design, or check out the Wish and Dumbo mugs with matching lids.


You know what kids would like? Their dreams to come true. Check out this Snow White costume, Tinker Bell wings that light up, and the classic Rex talking action figure (which is always sold out but now back in stock).


Wish upon a star and you never know, maybe your wish will come true. Here are three wishes you won’t regret getting — a cuddle plush that’s super big and squishy (it’ll replace all the pillows on your bed), a light-up plush that’ll keep the small one who’s afraid of the dark company, and of course, the night light that you can’t get wrong (everyone loves a night light, especially one as cute as this).

Have yourself a merry christmas.