LOEWE commissions Master Jade Carvers for their 2024 Lunar New Year Jade Collection

LOEWE’s 2024 Lunar New Year collection highlights the artistry behind jade carving. Master jade carvers, Xiaojin Yin, Qijing Qiu, and Lei Cheng are commissioned by the brand to each create a series of five limited edition pendants, individually hand-carved and mounted on an 18-carat gold chain.

Above: Master jade carvers, Xiaojin Yin, Qijing Qiu, and Lei Cheng.

Above: The Emerald Green pendant by Xiaojin Yin, takes the form of a cabbage (bok choy, symbolising wealth and abundance) with a cricket perched atop.

Above: Qijing Qiu’s Light Mauve eggplant pendant is a symbol of status and success, with the eggplant believed to resemble a hat-wearing high-ranking official.

Above: Lei Cheng’s Spring Jade pendant is a pea pod adorned with a little snail, carved from a near-flawless piece of jade and symbolising fertility, abundance, and luck.


LOEWE also introduces a new collection of Flamenco Purse Mini bags in an array of colours inspired by the hues of hand-picked antique jade carvings. There’s Emerald Green, Dark Brick, Spring Jade, Sugar Yellow, Dark Khaki, and Light Mauve, each with an orb-like form, and crafted in soft, ruched nappa leather. Inside the bag, there’s a special pocket containing a precious ring of jade stone in a matching colour, to bestow good luck for the new year ahead.

See below for highlights from the collection.


Below: The campaign features Chinese actress and Global Brand Ambassador, Yang Mi, shot by David Sims.

See the Loewe Lunar New Year collection online at LOEWE.COM.